I'm a jeweler for 19 yrs so feel free to ask me anything !

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  1. Thanks LVoe!! I'm definitely not skilled enough to try making one myself, I've been trolling Etsy for a similar bracelet, but I think going to a local jeweler is the way to go. I'd love to see a pic of your bracelet (if you don't mind), it sounds lovely!!

  2. Wow! I am so glad that I've found this thread!
    Question for you... Is it a must that all diamonds be placed in a setting that has holes? And if so, is it for light purposes? And, if the settings do not has holes, does it mean that the stones are not real?
  3. Sorry it's a camera phone pic, very easy to make, and it's jeweler quality pearls from my family jeweler. HTH!

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  4. They're lovely! I also like your other bracelet :smile:
  5. I am so happy I found this thread. Been reading for the last hour or so.

    I would like to purchase a new Cartier Roadster ladies two tone. Unfortunately, they have been discontinued and can't find any in the Cartier boutiques here in Australia. I refuse to believe there are no brand new ones anywhere in the world. NYC I think is a good place to start my search. Can you recommend any Jewellers that would be willing to correspond with me via email and are a bricks and mortar place?

    Thanking you in advance :smile:
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  7. why thank you! I didn't know if mbayliss has the love bangle pictured in her inspiration pic (is it from blonde salad?) so I wrapped around a thick gold chain I have to kind of mimic it! But I was toying with the fact of adding a pendant to the chain and wrapping it around.
  8. anyone? ;)
  9. can anyone help me with 2 18K italian gold bracelet appraisals?
  10. can i ask about gold plated jewelry? ive been eyeing the eddie borgo pyramid tennis bracelet but not sure if i want to spend $200 on a gold plated bracelet. ive heard you can prevent the gold from wearing off by spraying a clear acrylic spray (like krylon clear gloss). would you advise/against? what are some of your opinions on this? thanks in advance
  11. I am looking for a nice blue star sapphire to custom make a ring. I live in NYC. Any suggestions on where to buy the stone? My jeweller only deals with loose diamonds and premade jewelry. He will fabricate the setting.
  12. don't spray anything on it! it will eventually come off faster then the gold plating will and it will look horrible!!
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  14. I have a platinum setting and the bottom of the ring (that faces my palm) is really dull and scuffed so while the opinion is negative, it's correct. Our jeweler compared Platinum to bamboo - if you try to break it with your bare hands, it's very difficult if not impossible. However, you can easily dig your nail into it. It's strong because of its "fiberous" makeup however at the same time it's still soft. Hope that makes sense. I had it soldered to my white gold band and there wasn't any issue.
  15. The OP doesn't seem to be around.

    Maybe you could post your question & someone else can help?
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