I'm a jeweler for 19 yrs so feel free to ask me anything !

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  1. How much should I expect for a 1 carat FI yellow diamond round diamond? I wanted to create the tiffany victoria ring with the little clover on each side... Thanks!
  2. Can you resize those open between the finger white gold vca rings from a 5 to a 7.5?? specifically the two butterflies? Thanks! Not worried about resale.
  3. Is there any way to resize (down the line) an engagement ring that has diamond pave all the way around? I would love that sparkly surprise when I turn my hand over!
  4. My jeweler ( independent VCA dealer)said they could definitely resize a Socrate ring. I would think it could be possible for the two butterflies.
  5. Thanks will do!
  6. [​IMG]

    I am totally in love with this pearl bracelet - do you think that it could be replicated by a local jeweler and not break the bank?
  7. You could buy this from macys at a steal
  8. You can't go wrong with Tiffany's but I bought my necklaces from the Macy's store itself, I have grey ones and two white ones, they didn't cost me much at all def under 200 and those were necklaces
  9. I'll have to go to the store and look. I actually have a necklace very similar to the bracelet I'm looking for, but an old bf bought it for me at a jeweler in PA and I live in GA. I like the Tiffany & Co bracelet, but definitely expensive!! I was hoping for under $200 for a bracelet like it. Thanks again!!
  10. Hi :smile: I was wondering, how many sizes can you resize a half-eternity ring that is too large without ruining it and what would be the best way to do it? Also, what is the best choice if you have fingers that swell almost a whole size in heat/humidity?
  11. definitely go to a store and consult a goldsmith about your ring. without knowing how the diamonds are set and how many sizes you want to go up there's no way to answer this for sure :smile:

    if you live in a humid climate I would size up so the ring is comfortable daily.
  12. Actually I want to make the ring smaller (size down) by about 2 sizes. I could go 2.5 sizes smaller, but with the humidity I probably shouldn't. The diamonds are channel set and the ring is platinum. I just want to know the options and which you prefer before going to a jeweler so I'm not unprepared. Thank you :smile:
  13. channel set will be hard to size down without the diamonds popping out, the setting will probably need to be remade....
  14. I actually just made my own out of a broken macys gold chain and four pearls- two grey, one pink one white to make a soft look (I have a small wrist). It was so easy, (but then again I dabble in ewelry making) I wanted a soft "ballerina" palette to go with my incoming vca bracelet. That could work for you until you can get your dream tin cup bracelet. Don't buy pearls from craft stores or anything, get it from a pearl source or your local jeweler. HTH
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