I'm a jeweler for 19 yrs so feel free to ask me anything !

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  1. I'm not just a sales girl :smile:
  2. Are diamond prices rising?
  3. The price rises on certain sizes, color, clarity. It's like supply and demand. Right now round shaped diamonds in particular are going up a lot.
  4. Does EGL and GIA actually have a difference in grading? I am finding conflicting reports. TIA~ ghostie
  5. I love the design of Tiffany Fleur de lis key diamond pendent, 0.41 carat, 1.5' long, selling at $2950. Do you think it a worthwhile investment? I'm debating whether I should get one. TIA!!
  6. Yes they do. GIA is stricter with their ratings. For example, a diamond could be rated H color VS1 with EGL and for the same quality stone, GIA would grade it I color SI1
    but it doesn't necessarily mean an EGL stone is not worth buying. The value is still there.
  7. Ok, it took me some time to figure out how to word this without sounding biased. But I still didn't quite figure out how. Lol !
    Ok, here it goes...... HONESTLY it doesn't cost anywhere near that amount to make that piece. Of course it's a Tiffany piece and you pay for the name.
    Even with the name Tiffany, as a jeweler, I would never buy that piece for anywhere close to that amount. I had a couple that walked into the store and saw the diamond keys we had. It was over 1 carat total .And YES the quality is very good ! :biggrin: She HAD ON a TIFFANY KEY and it was nothing compared to ours. They bought the diamond key we had and brought back theirs to tiffany !!
    If someone came in to sell a Tiffany piece or any other high end piece, we wouldn't care who made it. It's the gold and the diamond weight that matters. And that's because we sell only new items, there are many stores who sell
    antiques and collectables.
    I think the best way to figure out if it's with buying a Tiffany key is to look to see if anyone is selling one online and see what their getting for it.

    Sorry if I didn't make sense. I just type as I think. Sorta. :P
  8. If its with buying


    I should read what I write before I post......duh.
  9. What do you suspect is the usual mark up on designer jewelry pieces by such brands as Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels? How does this compare with the markup independent jewelers have on their pieces?
  10. Omg I just a whole thing on your question radio shrink and deleted it by accident !! Arg!

    Ok ok, let me start again......
    The markup on high end designer jewelry is INSANE. Let me first explain what I do and how I can back up my answer here :smile: When a piece of jewelry is ordered, any type of jewelry, I start from scratch. From ordering a gold casting or designing a special order to picking stones and overseeing that every piece is set and made correctly.I pretty much know how much every piece costs to make. I can have a piece made with exactly the same quality diamonds or other stones and still make it for a lot less.

    As far as independent jewelers go, I can only speak for my company. My boss has built his business on trust and long term relationships with our customers. We believe in a small markup and great customer service to develop repeat customers.

    So to answer your question, high end jewelry markup is at least three times of what people should pay.
  11. Whew ! I'm glad that went through !
  12. Which brands of watches do you like best? Mostly - Rolex, Chanel J12 and Cartiers?
  13. My dream watch Is audemars piguet. I like rolex, Cartier, chopard.....hmmm I'm sure there's more I like, but that's what i can think of for now :smile:
  14. In your opinion what is better for everyday 24/7 wear: 18k white gold or 14k white gold?

    Thanks :smile:
  15. Either one honestly. Whatever type of metal you choose to wear everyday need to be refinished once in awhile. Everything gets scuffed up anyway :smile: just wear and enjoy !
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