I'm a horrible purse buyer

Jan 15, 2009
I have 5 Lv bags and really only ever feel like using 2 of them.. The two I really love are my black mc speedy and my orange graffiti speedy. However I use my black mc Eliza the most because my family goes out to eat alot and I find it the most useful for eating out. My other two Lv bags are my monty pm and Neverfull gm and I regret buying both of them. I have 20 bags all together and only truely like using 3 of them. How horrible is that? Ofcourse there are a few others that get alot of use cause I take them to work but thats the only reason... One of the bags I rarely use is a 2,000 dollar chloe bag. The only other bag I ever feel like using besides the two lvs I listed is my orange prada bag.
I seriously need therapy its rediculous. Ofcourse there are about 7 lv bags I feel I NEED to buy at this time but cant afford it haha. Does anyone else have this problem?


Tinker's Realm
Apr 14, 2008
I SO Have This Problem-I am the same way and when I walk into my closet somedays feel :blush:shame that I have bags that I know will never get any wear but at the same time do not want to let them go-the worst part is,there is one bag I sold becasue I knew it just was not a colorway I liked and knew I would not carry it more than once or twice but loved the bag (Mancrazy LV LE)and now I just keep thinking should I buy it again:nuts:
It really hits me that I have a bag obsession when I am looking at a bag that does not appeal to me and think"3k for that bag what a ridicilous amount of $$$ for a purse and blah blah" only to flip to another pic a day later and willingly spend an absurd amount on a different bag-2 nice bags would be/should be more than enough but I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!:sos:


Mar 25, 2009
Hhaha I have the same problem too.. Within the last month I have brought 5 LV bag but only use about 3 of them.. and that not including all the bag i Have before.. it's like so many bags so lil time..


Oct 24, 2007
oh at least you remember what you have
i don't have that many but most of the time i forget i have this or that and therefore end up not using them.. nah. don't feel bad. that's just how we are. :biggrin: lol