I'm a guy thinking of buying a Damier Nolita 24h

  1. I just found a Damier Nolita 24h still available. I am quite attracted to the shape but I think it might be a bit feminine for a guy. Then again, I got myself a Saumur XL Mini Lin, which is listed for women.

    I was thinking of getting a Keepall 45 Mocha or the Damier Greenwich PM, but when I realized that the Nolita 24h was not in any of the catalogs online anymore, it became more attractive to me. What do you think?
  2. Go for it - Cool Bag - I'm a guy and have a Silver Miroir Keepall!!!
  3. I say go for it... it's a good looking bag!

    Another fellow male PF'er owns a black MC Keepall 45, which he rocks it very well. :smile:
  4. I like the bag and I think it could suit a man very well. I think you should get it!
  5. Awww John your talking about me and my MC keepall lol!!


    I do like the Nolita 24 bag but if I were you, I would choose the epi keepall in Mocha, only because its one of the bags ive always wanted :smile: But since you don't see that bag online doesn't mean it may be gone. On lv.com a few pieces that are permenant are not on their. But I do see where you are coming from with wanting something that you dont see.
  6. Thanks guys. I knew I'd get a lot of encouragement here. As if I didn't know that! haha.

    who knows? maybe i'll just get both! :smile:
  7. go for the Nolita 24H! i really like it too :yes:
  8. Go for it, I think guy can rock it very well. If I were you I would buy epi mocha keepall coz it's on my list for long time...
  9. I think its a HOT bag .... go for it! ;)
  10. Absolutely would be a decent choice.
  11. i actually saw a very stylish metro guy on the subway carrying it! he looked very suave with his aviator glasses, leather jacket, and nolita. i thought he looked awesome. my mouth was gaped open and my SO laughed at me :p