I'm a girl gone mad!!! (long & windy)

  1. :yahoo: This will be wordy cuz I'm so excited! Here we go...:yahoo: As some of you may have noticed, i ordered a pti used and had to send it back. In looking for a new wallet, reading all of your threads/posts and seeing your gorgeous pomme vernis (lust, lust:devil: ) I got the plan conjured that instead of buying another used pti on eBay for...400. maybe, I could spend 100.00 more and do the following:
    1. Get a small agenda in pomme for a wallet & a change/key in pomme
    This way I
    1. have an agenda I can carry w/me (mine's too large)
    2. get my 'wallet'.
    3. have a key ring
    4. have a change holder
    5. have a small key/change to put a cc/buck/change in when quick runs to store/movies/etc.
    6. Have somthing in POMME!!!
    Ok...(are you all still w/me?? Sorry about this...to quote Nyria in some of her posts...I'm about to 'pee my pants') I got onto eLux..and...even though not showing up as a color swatch, when I clicked on color, they had both available in pomme! NO WAY! I think about it, search here some more to make sure the agenda will work as a wallet, pm some poor unsuspecting members, decide to take the plunge and get them...come back to eLux...GONE! :crybaby: I chat live w/eLux and yes, they're sold out...check back another day. :crybaby:
    I'm pouting, decide to check elux again later and...there again! :nuts: I got em both!:yahoo:
    I'm obsessed and a mad woman. Sorry for how long this was but I am SO excited. (Btw, the gal at eLux told me the sm. agenda wouldn't work well as a wallet, but I'm choosing not to believe! :p )THANKS for letting me rant and ramble!
  2. congrats!
    cant wait till u get them so we can see pics!
  3. Sounds great, I'm seriously considering an agenda in either the pomme or the framboise. Congrats!
  4. lol, you made me laugh so hard :nuts:
    Congrats on your buys, I hope you'll love them (and don't forget to post pix! :graucho:)
  5. congrats. really great buy
  6. Woohoo! See this place is a BAD influence!! LOL Can't wait to see pics! :yes: CONGRATS!
  7. congrats....
  8. THanks everyone! THanks, GerGirl...I wish I could say what I wanted in a few words, but alas, God made me a rambler! (every. single. detail...:wtf:)
  9. LOL good don't believe the elux girl. Many of us use them as wallets daily. Some girls even have filofax plastic pouches for their change in them :biggrin:
  10. Sounds like a plan!
  11. Michele!! I just joined like a month ago! I planned on getting a speedy, discovered the pf, asked some questions..and what? weeks later I now own three new pieces...when I planned to buy off eBay each time! YOu're all evil and bad and I love it here!!:devil: :biggrin:
  12. Thanks for the reassurance (seriously!) ANd the plastic pouches...whoa...I'm all over that...thanks!
  13. You've definitely gone totally mad for sure now....:graucho: ... this is what happens when you add tPF and LV love together. lol

    Congratulations! I hope you "don't pee in your pants" from all the excitement and just enjoy your new LV treasures!!!! So glad for you!!!!
  14. I am a big believer in agendas as wallets. I love mine! So happy for you, I think you made a great decision and I love the new red, perfect accent color.
  15. I love to use my agenda as a wallet. Works great with the filofax inserts for your credit cards and license. Congrats on the pomme! It's so beautiful.