I'm a Flap Fanatic!! See my new bags!

  1. I have taken a break from totes/bowlers/large bags of any sort for a while, and finally turned my focus on the Real Deal from Chanel: flaps. I am a total and complete convert. I love them all and can't wait until S/S comes to get serious about my flap collection!


    Modern Chain Flap in Dark Grey (truly a deep brown with grey undertones)


    Medium Classic in Black Caviar (got this to replace the jumbo, which was just not right for me...maybe someday)

    I usually like the chain doubled but I should break out into a new groove every now and again!

    And last but not least...the baby I've been awaiting for weeks and weeks...one Larkie's reject is one FanAddict's treasure, lol...

    Classic Pochette (aka EW flap) in Dark Blue
    :heart: :heart: Blue is one of my favorite colors, ever! Sign me up for any and all bleus!


    I'm on one of those "Serious" Bans hahaha but I honestly think I should be able to hold out until S/S '08 now!
    Chanel Dark Blue Classic Pochette 001.JPG Chanel Medium Classic Black Caviar Flap 001.JPG Chanel Modern Chain Gris Fonce Flap 001.JPG
  2. Love your bags, I agree with you can't wait for S/S 08 !!!:woohoo:
  3. Love your new flaps! That leather on the Modern Chain looks so dreamy! :yes:
  4. LOVE that M/C!!!
  5. Thanks so much, Purrrfect, jeannebar, and Swanky!! The MC leather is so gorgeous - I know that most of the old-timers prefer last season's leather, but I think this glazed caviar is just so beautiful :heart:
  6. Nice flaps! I especially like your e/w, the blue color is so pretty!
  7. Ohhhh, I LOVE, LOVE flaps haha... they're truly my Chanel passion!! :love: Wow, and before I comment on your amazing flaps, I have to say how crazy it is that I wore the EXACT same AT striped top today haha... I had my metallic dark grey luxe bowler though :p... and I have that blue jacket too! :nuts: Anyway, you really rock the MC flap... I love it, and I absolutely adore the black medium classic flap and the blue fonce E/W... just beautiful!!! :love: I can't wait for spring either... I'm not buying any bags until then unless they're my HG (or truly spectacular)! :smile: Congrats and enjoy!! :yahoo:
  8. Thanks Mikan! It really is a great color and I don't think the photos do it justice. If I had known about Chanel back when the teal baby cabas was around, I would have been alllll over it :yes:

    Minal!! Of course I immediately thought of you as I was posting this tonight! You have a seriously awesome collection and I hope to grow my family as yours has :heart: Yeah, I balanced out the Chanel purchases with some AT for Tarrzhay this month, LOL...but I love the stuff and think they're perfect clothing for casual days!
  9. Congratz on your new flaps! You look fabulous with these flaps! :tup:
    I have the same MC flap too, and I :heart: it ~
    Hope you enjoy these 3 flaps!
  10. Congrats! Your flaps are gorgeous :love:
  11. Thanks fice16, we're bag twins! You have to get going and post your pics in the reference library!!
  12. Congrats on everything! Your mc flap looks amazing!
  13. congrats! they're all so beautiful!!!
  14. those 3 flaps are ABSOLUTELY stunning. that glazed look on the new MC ligne is really gorgeous, i love it! Congrats!
  15. ok I'm loving your avatar! that's how Steph wrapped up my bag too--gosh I love NM. but hey, those 3 bags look great on you. I love the glaze on the new MC flap!