I'm a flake. I ordered the Zucca Spy AGAIN

  1. Those of you who had been following my thread about which color spy to get may have seen that last week I ordered the Zucca Spy and then cancelled it.

    Well, I ordered it again. I changed my mind. I atleast want to have it in my possesion to stare at for a little while before I decide if I want to keep it or not :P

    I'm sure that once I get it in my hands then I will want to keep it. So now I'm all exited again.

    When it arrives I will post a pic of it with my other new arrival from last week (the neo speedy).

    I am honestly addicted to buying handbags :lol:

    I also have 2 more bags that are due to arrive in a few weeks. I think I might have to completely update my bagshowcase!!!:nuts:
  2. Iluvbags, didn't you buy a Paddy from the Marketplace?? But that's alright, hehehe.... we're all victims of our own demise here on the board. I thought one spy was enough for me.... after this board, I've got a baby spy on the way *le sigh* :biggrin:

    Congratulations on ordering the Spy, at least tote it around for a few days before returning it
  3. OMG!!! You MUST post pics when it comes!!! I am SO HAPPY I am in the SPY club now too!!! Congrats and def. post pics in your showcase!!!:love:
  4. Yes Lyn 2005 :shame:
    I did buy a Paddy too. That's one of the bags that I'm expecting to arrive. If you really want to know the I'll spill it...................

    I bought a neo speedy, a denim baggy gm, a chole paddington and a Fendi Spy. The spy is the only one that's brand new. All the others are from wonderful PF members:P

    I know, I'm addicted, I'm terrible. I can't help myself. :lol:

    I think my bag collection is totally well rounded now:love:
  5. ^^^Girl, you are ON FIRE!!!:lol:
  6. I can totally relate - lol! Can't wait to see pics
  7. Yes and I'm going to burn up and fry now b-cuz I really want a Wisteria Spy bag like yours. Ooh the price on it is so steep:blink:

    I want it though. :cry: :smile: :lol::nuts: :lol:
  8. ^ I want the Wysteria spy too..LOL!.....Cant spend THAT much on one bag though...I will die of shame(or from PHH's EVIL EYES!!)!!LOL!
  9. I know exactly how you feel. I don't have PHH but i do have a PHBF (purse hating boyfriend).
  10. ^ let me know what happens with the Zucca spy...I WANT ONE!!!
  11. I sure will. it should be here ANY day now. :love:
  12. It came to my house yesterday but I was not home to sign for it.

    I'm going to UPS tonight to pick it up. :nuts: :nuts:

    Stay tuned........
  13. Woo! Can't wait to see pics!!!

  14. He he . I picked up my box earlier tonight.

    I probably won't have pics until tomorrow b-cuz I'm making myself clean my house before I open it:lol: :lol:

    Its sad that I have to bargain with myself but it gives me something to look forward to.

    Its like I get a reward after i'm finished cleaning :lol:
  15. Geez Louise.

    I'm feeling flakey again :Push:

    I love my new spy but it smells funny. :yucky:
    I think its whatever material the inside is made from. Since the logos are on the outside, the indise is a beige potato sak looking material.

    It stinks. Last night I kept the bag wide open hoping it would air out......but no.

    We'll see what happens. Anyone else have this problem with their Zucca spy?

    Also, I'm having remorse about how much I paid. :hrmm:
    I wish I could have found a used one for less. Maybe then I would love it more.:censor:

    Also I keep thinking about how I could have bought a LV and probably be more satisfied (like fuchia neo speedy or the new LV tote)

    What's my problem? :rant:
    I guess I'll keep it on display in my room for a bit before i decide what to do.

    Thanks for listeninig ladies.
    This is the negative side to my shopping addition......I change my mind easily