I'm a fashion disaster! HELP ME PLEASE!

  1. OK...I am so sick of not looking put together on a normal day. I desperately need your help wonderful tPFers.
    Some background on me & my current wardrobe:
    I'm a grad student. Casual wear is the thing on campus and I like being comfy. Unfortunately I just throw something on and go. My wardrobe consists of t-shirts (think Grail, Juicy, J Crew, etc.), long sleeve shirts (think Gap plain shirts), jeans (blue & black - mostly SFAM and TR), sweats (Juicy). Shoes are usually Doc Martens or sneakers and Uggs (not a fan of high heels...like wedges and ballet flats). Jackets are usually some type of cardigan type sweater or hoodies. I don't own a single skirt or dress.
    Jewelry consists of several sentimental rings I won't part with, a Tiffany heart bracelet, Tiffany heart necklace.
    Hair: Shoulder length, wavy, always in a ponytail
    Nails: Trimmed, not super short
    makeup: Never wear it. usually chapstick.
    I want to look more put-together. Not uber-professional looking (no suits), but just more 'together'.
    I like my clothes to be comfy, so I usually buy one size bigger to hide the fat and not feel constricted. I have fat ankles and wide feet.

    I'm also not a huge fan of spending a ton of $$ on something that will be gone in one season.

    HELP ME!
  2. i don't spend a fortune on clothing too.
    i'd go for vintage shopping.

    but i think every girl should invest on "good" fit jeans.
    and one of my secret to make an ordinary outfit look less ordinary is by buying things standard in a unique point.
    like, i don't buy my jeans in blue, i like them in black and grey.
    whenever i buy a tee, i don't go for ordinary arm length or ordinary cut.
    i love cardigans, and instead of getting the standard length, i go for the long up the knee cardigans.
    jewelry, i love love necklaces. i'd love doing vintage shipping too, looking for something unique and different, i like gold chains with tarnished, not a new shiny polished one :p
  3. yep i was in that phase until 10th grade .you should definitely get some dresses and plain tees. different accessories like headbands, necklaces, and different colored shoes definitely spice up an outfit.
  4. Well, I can feel your pain because I too am a student.

    My advice is this: stick it out in jeans, tees and sneakers until you have graduated, then get an image makeover by an image consultant and learn how to do hair, make-up and clothing to flatter you and cover you in all situations and project a confident and successful image.

    That is my plan!
  5. I'm still in school too :smile: So maybe I can give you some ideas?
    I wear skinny jeans in dark blue, black or grey most days
    in the winter I'll often wear a cashmere drape sweater or a cowl neck sweater- both layered over a white or black tank
    Then I wear flat suede knee-high boots in the winter and ballet flats in the fall and spring
    I try to mix it up with different colours and patterns though and I also love to wear headbands, big bracelets, pashminas and scarves
    But I'm still comfy when I'm in class as well

    For going out at night I often wear a babydoll dress or tunic with leggings or black opaque tights
    Or else I'll wear skinny jeans and some kind of dressy cami, and a piece of statement costume jewelry
  6. depends on where you live... but I'd say INVEST IN A GOOD COAT! it will make you look like a million dollars!
    I always get complimented on my clothes even though I think that they are very normal (I spent a year in Japan and everyone is super fashionable there so I felt like I'm not up to par)

    but a good coat or 2 is a must, it hides whatever plain cardigan or tshirt you have underneath!

    And sometimes its better to not over load with colors and accessories.. it depends on what frame/hair color complexion you have.
  7. I deffinatly agree that vintage and thrift shopping is a good idea.
    You can good items with prices lower than anything you'd find in a store if you know where and what to look for.

    Get some things that you can wear with your current wardrobe.
    Casual jackets in washable fabrics like denim or cotton are a must, one in each or more if you feel like it.
    I also think that a leather vest would be a cool investment. I've seen tons at thrift stores and on eBay, often for less than $20.
    One thing that might be an intersting idea would be to buy a vintage skirt suit in black or grey that has some sort of interesting details; just sift through different suits at the right places and you'll find something that suits you. Wear that jacket casually, but keep the skirt to wear with shirts and sweaters for occasions that call for slightly more formal attire.
    Also try layering t-shirts over button-down shirts. It makes the look seem more put-together.
    Take time out one day and expirement with different ways to put what you already have together because chances are, you'll find things you never would have thought of.

    For accesories:
    Try to find belts that you can wear around tops, either very wide or chain belts. I've seen this look countless times in the past season or so.
    Scarves are also interesting.
    A long wool scarf worn with a jacket and a newsboy hat has a sort of a cool boho look or you could also find long, thin scarves made of wool or silk or other materials and them with camisoles or t-shirts on their own.
    Silk scarves can also easily add some maturity to an outfit, weather it's tied to the handle of a purse or around your neck.
    For make-up, just find a good lip gloss and you'll be fine for day.

    Good luck! Hope this helped!
  8. I'm a college student as well and I usually wear a nice top, jeans and flats, and I never spend a fortune. I just go to stores in the local mall, see what I like and buy. And I agree with Shari. Wait till your out in the professional work world before remaking your image.
  9. this might sound silly, but watch the show What Not To Wear with stylists Stacey London and Clinton (something?). I have honestly learned a TON about fit from them and I think they do a great job of making a person look "put together". And it's not all professional wear. I also love the fact that they will do any size person on the show, I have seen them style a twig and larger women really well. You'll get great tips about what to look for in clothing so that it will look great on your body type!
  10. I think that if you exchange your sweaters and hoodies with some cashmere sweaters with a v-neck in black, grey, navy and brown you look much more put together.
    I'd invest in a Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress because this is comfy and it looks great on women with curves.
    Get 2 pairs of ballerinas, one in black and the other one may be in brown.
    Repetto makes wonderful ballerinas who aren't super expensive and black boots.
    I like comfy clothes and this is the style I wear.
  11. I second What Not To Wear, it's one of my favorite shows!

    I'm a student too, and my general mantra is to invest in the classic items (eg nice jeans, jackets, etc.), and go cheap with trendy stuff. I wear a lot of nice jeans with fun tops, and I love to accessorize.

    Pretty much, my advice is to just have fun with it. Your clothing style is a way for you to express who you are to the world. Buy what makes you feel most like you. The confidence you'll get from buying clothes that you love will shine through. That said, don't hide yourself with too-big clothes! Just pick flattering cuts in the right size. Even if you don't think you'll be into skinny jeans, try them on in store. You may be surprised!

    Pumps or fancy flats with jeans always make you look more put together. I like to straighten my hair the night before so I can touch it up fast in the morning (I'm not a morning person!). Also, it's worth it to put on some blush and mascara every morning, it takes barely any time but makes your face pop.

    Good luck, and don't sweat it too much. You'll figure it out!
  12. buy loads of colourful scarves and big earrings and bangles, that's a good start..hmmh..then start buying skirts and then slowly move on to dresses.
  13. If you feel like your body is holding you back in what to wear too much I'd start to work out more! It'll give you more energy and perhaps give you more confidence to wear whatever you want. :yes:

    Other than that I'd go shopping with someone with a good taste and someone who's HONEST! It's important to be honeste especailly when shopping jeans. Find something that makes your body look amazing. =)
  14. Thanks for the tips all...keep 'em coming!
    I should also say that when I graduate I'm going into academia....so the way I dress now is probably how I'll end up dressing later on (i.e. going into suits, etc. is not the typical wardrobe for a professor)...although maybe a tad bit dressier but not too much.

    I'm also in the process of losing weight (changed a bunch of eating habits)...so I don't think the weight is holding me back....I just prefer to NOT wear skin tight clothing that constricts me KWIM?

    Any specifics on some of the suggestions you are throwing out?
  15. twiggers, you have gotten some great advice already (love the scarf recommendation), so all I can add is this: if you like barrettes and ponytail holders, there are some very reasonably priced and lovely ones to be found on etsy :smile:

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