I'm a die-hard Paperback/Hardback fan

  1. I have a kindle, an Ipad, and hundreds of e-book titles but it's just not quite the same having a paperback in hand and thumbing through pages. My (severely limited) shelves are crammed with novels and books from since I was a child. I love the smell of books and touching them, and still enjoy browsing and plodding through bookstores. Anyone else here similarly afflicted? Or has TV and e-books taken over the world? :p
  2. I too am a vehement lover of actual books. I've tried to read on these new contraptions and frankly it simply doesn't give me the same type of organic feeling to my time spent scrolling through the writing. I find reading on any tablet very cumbersome and distracting from what I am reading.

    I'm a bit freaked out at the thought that books will soon be gone. I'm hoping that there will always be a physical book available on all titles but already this seems to not be the case.
  3. I totally agree! My local Barnes and Noble about a year ago removed about 10 shelves and replaced them with Nook tables - I genuinely don't like the idea that paperback/hardcover books are being replaced by e-readers. I love the feel of a book - I'll hold out as long as possible!
  4. I have a kindle
    it keeps breaking
    the last time they replaced it, I have not activated it yet
    it has been about 3 months
    I love book stores
    I love to wander in book stores, touch the books, see what other people are looking at
    I have been reading books lately
    I prefer the trade size of books, but read paperbacks, and hardbacks.

    as an author myself I am all for books in print
  5. Agreed. I've read a couple books on my ipod touch and didn't like it. I want to hold the book, feel the pages and visually see how far along I am in my reading. I understand the advantage of e-readers with thousand of books you can carry in your bag, but I don't like the idea of possibly being deprived of my reading due to loss of battery power or an electronics malfunction.

    I don't think physical media will ever go away completely. Can you imagine a library without books, dvds, magazines, CDs, audiobooks, and newspapers? It's too depressing to picture the library only offering digital media. Plus, if I need to keep the book over the due date I keep it and pay the fine but with digital media it's automatically inaccessible after the due date. In addition, there will always be people that want the physical media to give and receive as gifts instead of a gift card for downloads.
  6. I'm so glad there are like minded folks here. All the Borders store here have closed, I'm absolutely depressed. And some titles are coming out in kindle or ipad version first even before going to paperprint. I'm definitely holding on to the thought that one day paper books will regain their glory.
  7. Count me in this group. I love the feel of a book in my hands. I don't own any e-reader, and think it's because I have a PC at home, I work in front of a computer all day, and I have an iPhone. I need a break sometimes.
  8. I totally agree with all of you! I love my iPad but I have no plans to read any books on it or buy an kind of ereader. I also love the smell and feel of my books and watch them get tattered from being read over and over again.
  9. Me me me ! I loveeeeee actual honest-to-goodness book. The look, the smell, the feel, the typography. I love it all.

    While I can (and do) read on my iPad/iPhone on a regular basis, I will still buy the exact same stories in paperback/hardback.

    This reminds me. I need to buy a book. ;)
  10. This entire post. I more so read large novels on my Nook, but my preference is a book. I like paperback also, More flexible and lightweight.

    I have a few hardbacks, but only a few.
  11. I have a Nook and love it mostly because I like being able to get free e-books from the library within seconds instead of having to drive over and pick up books like the old days.

    But I LOVE actual books. I agree about the feel and smell of them.

    Right now I probably read about 50% on my Nook and 50% paper books.
  12. Nothing beats the smell of a new book!
  13. Me!!!

    I will buy books on kindle if I must (can't find it in stores, much cheaper, etc) but I find it much harder to get into the story when I have to swipe every minute! Flipping a page is second nature to me!
  14. I've got an iPad, and I like reading blogs on it.

    And one of these days I'll get the topsy-turvy Alice app:


    But I've always loved books. I love going into bookstores. (I swear, I'm all Jack Skellington singing "What's This?" every time I'm in one.)

    I love seeing what's new and I love running my fingers across the book spines on the shelf.
  15. Me too! Sometimes I buy e-books and when the story is that good I go out and get the real paperback. I miss buying books. Wish I had the shelf space for it though!