I'm a COMPLETE newbie...

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  1. Hi ladies!

    So I know nothing about Hermes aside from what I saw on SATC and what I have seen in LA or Hawaii. I'm normally spending all my time in the Balenciaga section. But I was wondering if there is a style/cost reference (particularly for the Birkin bag) site somewhere so I can see what is out there and what to expect to spend ( I heard that the waiting lists are closed and usually takes at least a year anyway)

    Also, how much would a used Birkin be if I do not buy brand new?

    Thanks for all the help!:flowers:
  2. go to the reference section :biggrin:

    and you can usually score a birkin if you have a good sa that will inform you if one is on stock floor....

    the prices do vary according to size and leather....
  3. Ooohh!! Thank you!

    Also, I keep looking at the Birkin and Kelly, are the handles the only difference? I know Kelly bags come in smaller sizes.

    And are Togo leather bags the hardiest? I'm always afraid of ruining my bags and get super paranoid.
  4. nono kelly and birkin are wayy different... :biggrin:

    and wut do you mean by hardiest?
  5. You can look on e-bay to get a feel as well for the sizes, colors, leathers -- and we have a post about recommended resellers which is a great way to get something, sometimes for less! Other times for more - depends what you want, and if you are willing to wait it out from the store. I've bought quite a few from wonderful resellers with great luck...

    Togo is a very "hardy" leather and durable...some are moreso than others...the box leather and chamonix are smooth and not so great in wet weather...Look around and you'll find a lot of info!
  6. Liz, chevre (goat skin) is also very sturdy as well. It's a lot lighter but more expensive. However, chevre takes on color beautifully.
  7. Hi, also go to the 'shopping' section, I think we just had discussed prices recently.
    It also depends on where you are based: Rest of the World is usually more expensive than Europe, or France.
  8. Starting price for a Birkin is somewhere around $6800.
    Keep in mind that *NEW* Birkins are generally marked up $2-4k when they are listed on ebay.

    Birkins tend to be more casual while Kellys tend to be more formal though they can easily look fantastic with jeans.
  9. hey i think you should look into the bolide! i think its dressy and casual! i love it :love: ! its so more understated [like other h bags] i love love love it!
  10. I agree - the bolide kind of looks like a LV alma, and the plume (which is the bag in my avatar) is another understated Hermes bag! I love both...
  11. First of all welcome to the the subforum! Congrats on your interest! When I first started I really had no idea what the differences were on the kelly nor the birkin and didn't have a clue on Hermes' other bags. I did much of my research and browsing in the Hermes reference section, particularly the threads titled "member's hermes items", "hermes(groupies)'s Leather book", "Hermes informative catalog" and "reference sample of colour chart". It also really helps if you have time or an Hermes near you to go check out what the store has so you can see these babies IRL! You won't regret it and most of the SA's in my experience are very nice esp if you show a genuine interest in the product. If you do wind up going to the store, you can also ask them to show you the leather sample book which shows you most of the colors and leathers the bags come in so u can have an idea of how the colors look w/ diff. leathers. Hope that helps! Good luck! You will LOVE Hermes!
  12. hola moviegirl!!!! gots to go now, but will check back with u after dinner!!! miss u!!!
  13. Welcome to our Hermes subforum
  14. welcome liz!!!
  15. Welcome! Once you come over to the "dark side," you'll be seriously hooked!

    The Birkin and Kelly are never-fail classics but also check out the Trim, Bolide and Plume!