Im a COMPLETE DITZ.....................WAHHH!

  1. So I went out with my daughter ..had a girls night out.Ended up at the AT &T Store...and yes..I bought the IPHONE.I woulda waited but my 6 month old razor was bitin the dust...LOL
    Can I just say..It just took me like 3 FREAKIN HOURS to figure out how to download music...ROFLMAO....:wtf::crybaby:..It wasnt hard.I am TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED..IN A BIG BAD WAY.SNIFF.

    So THEN I had to MANUALLY enter ALL my phone numbers(hey...u got to have your friends of course NM,Saks,Prada,Chanel numbers on SPEED DIAL!:graucho:)..HEEHEE.
    Im exhausted ..This thing isnt hard.Im a complete dufus.I havent been on the PF all night.....If u dont see me for the next 24 hours..Send the APPLE IPHONE BLONDE DITZ rescue team to my house....FAST....LMAO.
    My blonde hair is coming completely inept...heehee
  2. OK..It just took me a total of 3 1/2 hours to figure out where the OFF button was.............:wtf::push::confused1:
  3. Keep us posted - Myself, I usually have quite a severe learning curve! Hopefully, you will learn to enjoy and love it in no time!
  4. I love the iPhone! I just was playing around with a friend's today. Wow, the things it can do! It will get easier as you get more comfortable. Congrats!
  5. We all knew you were a ditz already, but thanks for reassuring us! lol JKJK!!!!

    I hope you get it all figured out, dont worry...Im sure there are a LOT of others out there who didnt get it right away.
    Im done..I got my ipod emails and phone numbers all loaded...PHEW...I have to figure out where the camera is tomorrow..LOL.OY!
  7. well now you can browse tpf from your iphone... i've been doing that on my bf's iphone.
  8. ^I know..I did that...its soooo COOL!!LOL!its much easier to type..well....NOW that I had to type a GAZILLION phone numbers into it..hehe
  9. Don't worry LOL I'm just like you! Even though my phone has bluetooth and all that fancy stuff I still enter all my numbers manually. I'm technologically challenged as well :tup:
  10. For future reference...usually, you can transfer all your contacts onto the SIM card, the. swap it into the new phone. That way you don't have to manually type in all the numbers
  11. Charles..I actually asked them that...SIM CARDS CANT be transferred to an IPHONE as its APPLE technology...heehee..TRUST ME....I woulda if I coulda.(NO APPLE PC EITHER..LOL)
  12. Congrats on the iphone!! :smile:)
  13. Jill you are so cute! May I ask you a question. Are you happy you got the IPhone, is it worth it?
  14. Lol, Jill, you are so cute..! I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time! :yes:
  15. Too funny Jill!! Good luck on discovering the rest of your phone's features.