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I'm a college graduate!!!


Loves Mr. Turtle!!
Mar 24, 2007
Well, I graduated college today and my mom invited a few of my aunts and uncles over for a little get together after the ceremony. My aunt on my dad's side gave me her present and when I saw Coach on the front I freaked out. Sadly she got me a swingpack (I'm not a fan), and it's watercolor...which I already have a few pieces of. So I'm going to bring it back to the boutique and get a store credit for it...and see if there's anything else I want in the process. I had my PCE lying around somewhere and I think my mom or dad threw it out so I may have to wait until next time for a new bag....but I'm wondering how much these swingpacks run? I'm not sure if she got it at the boutique or in the outlet. Does anybody know?


LV=My Bliss
Dec 28, 2007
My one daughter got a signature swingpak and I think it was about $128.00, I bought my other daughter the coated Tattersall swingpak for her birthday and paid $138.00. Congratulations on your graduation!!!