I'm a chronic overpacker! Help me!

  1. I'm leaving for 10 days to go to San Francisco, Las Vegas, & AZ...My husband is threatening to take things out of the suitcase w/out my knowledge b/c I can't help but overpack. I know the one thing I don't bring is the thing I will really need! I hate packing! I need a valium...
  2. Shushopn, You are toooooooo much. :lol:
  3. I'm the same, i always overpack. Just ignore your hubby, overpack all you want b/c you never know what you might need. I'd hate to realize that i'm missing something while on the trip.
  4. I'm right there with you! I just cannot help myself! You never know what you are going to need while you're gone, but then I end up not using 75% of what I take. You'd think I'd learn...

    I have a friend who is the exact opposite. When we went to Vegas last year, she took one carry on. That's it. Then there was me with two full suitcases!:shame:
  5. i had the obsession to bring with me everything i had in my closet....
    then once they lost my suitcase and it was a terrible experience....fortunately they gave me that back, but after a month....:sad: but i discovered the right way:I pare an outfit for everyday, with the matching shoes and bag and all the accessories....obviously i try to match shoes and accessories to more than one outfit!!!!
    you have to follow all the outfits!!and it's useful for the ones like me who spend hours in the morning choosing their chlotes in front of the opened closet....the outfit of the day is already decided!
  6. What are we talking about here? Clothes? Shoes? Vacuum cleaner?

    For casual clothes, I love the Eagle Creek envelopes. You fold the shirts/pants around the plastic board that comes with it, then stack them inside the envelope, then squash everything down with the plastic board and fold the velcro flaps of the envelope over everything. You'd be amazed how much stuff you can squash together. And since they are neatly folded, they don't wrinkle much. I think they come in three sizes. I used two of them for 10 days in Italy two years ago, and was able to use only a carry-on for the whole trip.


    Here's a helpful website:

  7. Pidgeon92 - Oh know! I forgot the vacuum! :smile:

    I bring soo many shoes, b/c I NEED them...I'm thinking of just taking my cognac botkier trigger, & my small IF Wicked change purse & my Black patent leather coach clutch...OMG! T-shirts, tanks, capris, jeans, workout clothes, jean jacket, leather jacket, dressy tops...I also have to bring an outfit for a sem-formal dinner! Where the Hell is my valium!! Luckily I already packed my kids up...
  8. LOL You never know what can come up, so u have to pack all most everthing .....My family all was laughings at me . even if i know am only going to be gone for one night i pack about three outfits , 5 panties ,, a couple extra shirts etc..........lol
  9. I try to stick with one main color scheme like Red, pink or black...you get the idea. That way I only need one purse and 1 pair of shoes. Makes it a lot easier. Each time I travel I pick a new color so I can rotate all my stuff. No need to show off all those shoes/bags although it is tempting.
  10. There's nothing wrong with overpacking. As long as you can fit it in your suitcase, it's not a problem! :biggrin: Relax and enjoy your vacation.
  11. I always use this system: I pack all what I think I'll need a week before going away and then, a couple of days before departure, I take everything out of the suitcase, lay it on my bed and check which combinations can I make. I end up leaving almost 50% of what I packed!! :nuts:
    I kind of master this now LOL so I don't do it anymore for business trips... only when going on vacation.
    And a last tip: there's always shopping malls waiting for you :nuts: What better excuse to go shopping than "darling, I haven't brought my (complete) and I really need one now!!":lol: :lol:
  12. Just make sure that all of your suitcases and bags have wheels, and that you can sort of link them together so that you can cart them around the airport all by yourself. That way your hubby can't complain!
  13. I'm a reformed overpacker! I used to carry one HUGE suitcase and now I have reduced it to just a carry on bag (for a week long trip). Any stay longer than a week warrants a bigger bag. Just like the other ladies have said, the key is to pick out your outfits ahead of time. That will save a lot of drama later.
  14. No no no--you can buy anything you need in San Francisco and Las Vegas (and probably AZ too, depending upon where you're going). Leave your suitcase half empty--that way you can stuff it full of new goodies for the trip back home!
  15. Ok...I'm done packing for the most part...I am physically and emotionally exhausted. My husband went through my stuff and made me remove a few things (not many b/c I put on my boo-boo face and told him I NEEDED them)...It took him all of 15 minutes to pack his stuff. My kids have one suitcase and my husband and I have another. Large ones.

    Unfortunately, ladies this really won't be a shopping trip b/c we have a lot of family visits involved and no big shoppers in the bunch (all my husband's side - losers). Maybe a little shopping in Vegas if my kids and husband give me a chance but I bought a lot of stuff before the trip so he won't be too thrilled.

    I'm relaxing w/ a lovely cabernet right now, gearing up for the American Idol results. My husband is busy weighing suitcases to make sure we're not over the weight limit. Oy vay!