I'm a buyer, I feel like crying over what just happened.

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  1. I know my problem is minute, compared to others here, but I'm very affected, in shock and I reacted and am not sure if I did the right thing. It's a pretty long post and I apologize in advance. I would really appreciate any thoughts.

    I won:
    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250682422695 and
    at very good winning bids.

    Shortly after the auctions ended, seller sent 2 requests to cancel transactions because she claimed to be out-of-stock. She had another auction running which was supposed to have the said 2 out of stock items. I asked that since my auctions ended 1st and the other one still had 7 days to go, to send me the ones I won and cancel that. She said she couldn't do so because eBay did not allow her to as there were bids already. That auction ended with a very high winning bid, as opposed to my low winning bids.

    I didn't want to cancel and let her know that I had no problem paying first and she could send me the items as soon as her stock came in. She said NO, she did not want to pay eBay fees?! I didn't quite understand because she said that once her stock comes in, she'll send me the invoice and I can then pay for the auctions and she'd waive shipping and ship them to me for free. Against my better judgement, I believed her and agreed to cancel the 2 transactions.

    Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago - the seller emailed me and said stock would come in, in about 2 weeks. I was excited. I emailed seller a few days ago, asking if she received the stock so that I can pay for the stroller blanket and pillow sham I won. She said yes, and it'll cost me $65 including shipping!

    The auctions I won totalled $37.05. I fully expect to pay $37.05, with shipping waived, like what she said. I sent her an email asking her to clarify, if she's forgotten what she said to me. These were sent via eBay messaging, so there's ample proof and she could see that. She ignored my email.

    I sent her another 2 emails - which she ignored too. Today, I left 2 negative feedbacks stating facts. She followed up, saying I tried to bargain on one and on another, I was dishonest. I am shocked and upset! How am I being dishonest? How am I bargaining?

    I bought from her previously and she sent it item promptly and that was a positive experience, so I left her a VERY positive feedback because it was a good buying experience. What did I do wrong? How am I being dishonest for leaving her a positive feedback for a previously pleasant transaction?

    I'm feeling very stupid and very cheated as of right now. It is in my opinion that the seller cancelled transactions because the winning bids were too low. She NEVER had the intention of selling them to me for the winning bids.

    I feel very bad leaving her the negatives, at the same time, I am feeling very angry and stupid. Should I not have negged her and moved on instead? :crybaby:
  2. She deserved the negative and should have kept her word to sell it to you for the price you won it. Thanks for the warning, will be avoiding this seller!
  3. if you read her other negatives it seems like she's done this to others a couple times...
  4. Did you report her as a Non Performing Seller? If not you should! She deserves to be NARU.
  5. You did the right thing. And report her as a non-performing seller as stated above.
  6. You can request that ebay remove this feedback since it's obviously NOT true, and you have the ebay msgs to prove it.

    As previously noted, report her as a non-performing seller. She is terrible! :tdown:

  7. Thank you very much juicy couture jen, monstar, poopsie2, noshoepolish and want it all.

    I just read her past feedbacks. They're not pretty. I don't know how to report her and I agreed to cancel, so I'm not sure if I still can.

    I also just received an email from her. She said to revise my feedback and complete transaction and if I don't agree to that, she'll block me from all her listings. I really don't want to pay $65 for them and I doubt I can trust her enough to buy from her again.
  8. I hate sellers like that. You certainly don't have to revise your feedback or complete anything, since you already cancelled the transaction. Just ignore her email and report her like the others suggested. You should be able to find it as part of the resolution centre.

  9. Oh that is just all. Is she freaking kidding?

    There is NO WAY her fb should be revised! WTH is she smoking--she'll BLOCK you from all her listings? Who cares?!?! As if you would WANT to buy from her again. ROTFLMAO! :lolots:
  10. quite a notorious seller..
  11. I would reply to her mail with,

    ok, I'll remove the feedback, because of course i want to buy loads more items from a seller who lies and renegs on a CONTRACT because they are unhappy with the price agreed, then sends nasty threatening emails with more than hint of blackmail about them. Yes, i'd be MAD to not take you up on your offer wouldn't I? consider yourself
    blocked. I have reported you to bay for your shady practices and bullying tactics.

    Then block her email so you don't have to see anymore of her pathetic mails. If I were in your position I would probably contact a few of the other users who neged her and see if their experience was similar to yours and then all group report to bay. I'm sure shed be NRUd pretty quick.
  12. #12 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    I wouldn't revise feedback as you were factual.

    BTW The follow up's show on her feedback and don't really affect you especially as your not a seller.

    Edit: I just saw your About Me Page, now that is overkill IMO. I would delete it, block the sellers emails and move on.

  13. I agree with this ^^^
  14. Thank you musthaveseenher, Bernice80, ParkAvenuePrincess, luxloves.

    I just deleted that from my ME page. I was worried that sellers will think of me as a problem buyer and a dishonest person and wanted so much to explain. I have to admit I wrote that when I was extremely affected and right after I saw the seller's follow-up. How stupid of me!
    Thank you for pointing that out, luxloves and poopsie2
  15. I'd report her to ebay for soliciting a sale off ebay - they would lose fees and we know how much ebay would hate to see that happen!

    You were 100% right to give her negatives - she earned them!