i'm a bit worried.

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  1. so if a seller says that she sent out an item but doesnt have tracking. how do i know if she actually did? i asked why she didn't have tracking if she shipped priority and she's like you didnt ask for insurance. and i just replied saying insurance and tracking aren't even the same. if i don't get my item, i can still file to get my money back right?
  2. Is this international? How long ago has the sale been? Because I know that with paypal/ebay you have a certain time frame...
  3. How long has it been since she sent your item? I would assume because it's so close to holidays, the mail will take a bit longer than usual. Is it coming within US or from abroad?
  4. it's coming from the US. It's been 4 days, I know it's a short period but I'm not worried about the wait. Just the fact that she didn't get tracking information, how would I even know if she shipped it out or is trying to scam me?

  5. This is true. You don't automatically get a tracking number with priority mail unless you ask for delivery or signature confirmation. If you insure and item, most sellers will buy the confirmation

    You won't get tracking just with priority shipping.
  6. Is she a reputable seller? How many feedbacks does she have? (I am assuming you are talking about eBay)
  7. For eBay, you can file the claim thru Paypal (if you paid thru it) and eBay. Actually, if there' s no description that the seller will provide you the tracking number, they won't normally do it.

    You have to wait (may be 2 weeks) until you're quite sure that the item won't come to you, so you can file the claim (thru Paypal as I stated before). Then, the seller has to provide the evidence that he/she did send the item for you. If he/she fail to do so, Paypal will assume that the seller didn't send the item to you, so Paypal will refund you the money.
  8. OIC, it's domestic. As LV_addict suggests, it might take longer since it's the holidays. I've actually had packages that took 5-7 days priority to arrive to me during this time. But yes, you must wait until 2 weeks pass.

    I've had a similar case, and I filed a claim after 2 weeks. I got my money back. Don't worry, yet! And you have other options!
  9. her feedback is 100% so it makes me feel a bit better. but come on. confirmation is just 50 cents.. and if you print out a label, it's free. i guess i always get it whenever i ship packages assumed that normally everyone else would.

  10. In the future when you win an auction I wuold aks them to include delivery confirmation. I think its like less than $1.00 extra. I have been buying form ebay for over a year and a seller has only voluntarily sent me tracking info one time.

    Its not a normal practice unless the seller says in the auction that its included. Because its an extra fee that has to be paid. I would just ask from now on.

    In my auctions I have made it mandatory to get tracking and I just raise my shipping price to cover the cost. Becasue 9 out of 10 people don't buy insurance even though i offer it w/ every auction....so atleast w/ tracking I can account for when it was shipped and if it gets lost its not my fault.

    Good luck to you. I'm sure your item will arrive safely. My personal advice to you is to ask for tracking or buy insurace in the future just for piece of mind ;)
  11. The only thing I don't like about delivery confirmation (and certified mail) is that sometimes the mailmen/women never scan the number. I've had packages and letters saying that the item has been confirmed in my post office for several days, even though I KNOW I sent the package. I like shipping insurance better.
  12. ask her to scan the receipt
  13. maybe you should just wait out a little bit, if it doesn't arrive soon, file a complaint!
  14. After 10 days you can file a claim with Paypal. As the seller she is 110% responsible for purchasing delivery confirmation.....and if it doesn't arrive then Paypal will side with you and you'll get your money back.
    Also as an aside....you don't HAVE to wait 10 days....I filed one on an international seller who was uncommunicative after only 5 days. I wanted my tracking number and they weren't responding so I opened a claim (I had a feeling the seller was being a slow shipper so I wanted to give them a little push to get it shipped)
  15. if you don't receive your item, and file a claim on paypal, they will most likely side with you if she can't provide the shipping evidence. i thought they usually require a tracking or delivery confirmation to prove that. even if she has a receipt from the post office, i don't think that's sufficient because it doesn't prove that the package got to you. i wouldn't worry about it at this point... give it some time.

    for me, as a seller, i ALWAYS get delivery confirmation... it's really not that expensive, and definitely worth the peace of mind knowing that a package arrived at its destination