I'm a bit musette confused, please help!

  1. So my dad finally agreed to get my mom her first real louis as a mothers day present. Him, me and my brother are gonna buy it together.
    She showed a lady once with a smaller, vertical musette with the longer strap, saying she liked that. She loves to wear more sportive purses across the body.
    Now I did a search in the reference thread but now I'm confused! there are many types of musettes!
    I would like to get it right because I'm gonna have to order it by the phone!
    Could you please help me specify the type I'm gonna have to order? Pics would be nice!
    TIA! :tender:
  2. I think the bag you are refering to the Musette Salsa Long strap
  3. Yes, I believe that it:yes: . The Musette tango is the smaller horizontal one and the regular Musette is much longer.
  4. I think you are reffering to the Musette Salsa!
  5. Awww... how awesome! The Musette Salsa is a great first LV bag! :biggrin:
  6. Aha! :idea:

    Glad you guys cleared that up! I was confused because I didn't find the regular musette on the site and I didn't know how big the salsa actually is. I don't want that big one for her (regular musette)

    My dad just said he likes the tango better. What's your opinion on that?
  7. I like the tango better as well. Does your mom carry a lot? It doesn't hold a lot (small wallet), but it's a darling bag. Really cute. I like the one with the long strap. It is the Musette Tango w/long strap. It's actually a really nice versatile bag, unless your mom carries a lot of things in which case it might be too small.
  8. Don't really know, it depends on what you think is 'a lot':confused1:

    I have a pouchette and she definately carries more! But not a lot, don't think she would need a very big bag.
  9. I like salsa over tango but Charleston mom is right they don't hold that much but the Musette is big.