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  1. A friend of mine is sending me a bag. She shipped it out on tuesday evening from California via priority mail, it is Saturday night here in NY and I still don't have it. I had stupidly told her she didn't have to worry about insurance, now, i am sure the box is missing somewhere (I mean, it should be here by now).

    Now, I know the answer to this, but, is there anything I can do at all? Or, am I just out the money?
  2. I'd give it a couple more days. For some reason the mail has been really slow lately..I've been sending things to my buyers on eBay and even one state over using Priority, it has taken longer than the estimated 2-3 days.
  3. I agree. Lately, it seems priority packages are taking closer to a week.
  4. ^^ I agree - USPS isn't as fast as UPS or FedEx
  5. It's not entirely unusual for something from CA to NY to take this long. It couldn't have left CA until Wed. morning so you're still in the normal range. It will probably be there Monday!
  6. CA -Ny takes a while. I would wait a few more days
  7. The weather in the Northeast could be affecting the time as well.
  8. Is it trackable? Perhaps you can try calling your PO?
  9. Did either of you get a confirmation number? I wouldn't panic yet....it's still early. I send things priority all the time and it's still early enough that I wouldn't freak out yet. Hang in there and please let us know when you get it!
  10. Cross country can take awhile.
  11. ITA with the comments above. The mail from coast to coast takes about a week, even priority mail.
  12. Wait till after the weekend. Hope everything works out.
  13. Really? You all think it still might be ok? I was thinking Tuesday until Saturday is plenty of time for a priority package.

    But, true, it probably didn't do anything until sometime Wednesday and that would still mean to me that it should have been here today. But, i hope I am wrong and you all are right. Thanks, this makes me feel better.

    i will keep everyone posted!
  14. Yeah I think you're fine. Packages have definitely not been right on time lately.
    Keep us updated! :yes:
  15. I wouldn't worry yet. My mom sent me a priority package and it took over a week. I dunno what's going on with usps. Just give it a little more time. Btw, what bag are you getting?