I'm a "beauty" right now... LOL

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  1. Ok gals,

    I decided to beauty-fy up and i look a little ridiculous right now.....

    i only had the energy to pluck my left eyebrow and paint my right toenails...

    then i got tired...

    I looked at myself and i'm likle "gee, i look ridiculous!!" and had to share with you gals!

    SO i have one clean eyebrow and one hairy messy one...

    5 painted toenails and 5 non painted ones. LOL :roflmfao:

    that's "beautifuuuul" me for now.... :nuts:
  2. hahahahahahahah im sure its a great site!! hahaa just dont go painitng the other toenails a diff color
  3. ahhh, but where are the MODELING pics?! ;)

    **STILL waiting........**LOL!
  5. haha i always do that with my eyebrows...but i will not leave the house until the other is fixed
  6. pics!!! *dum dum dum* pics!!! *dum dum dum* pics!!! *dum dum dum* (chant with me)
  7. We sooo wanna see pics!!!!! LMAO!!!!! That's so great!!!! lololololololol!!!!
  8. Picspicspics!!!
  9. Too funny, why did you start 2 things at once? lol
  10. C'mon, Bubbs!!!
  11. You are too cute! I have no talent or energy for plucking anything...waxing is quicker and a little less painful!
  12. hahaha, you are too cute!!!
    when i feel lazy, i only do my left eyebrow and i cover the other one up with my bangs.
  13. hahaha. I'm with you! once I got distracted by my phone and went outside with 9 toes painted!
  14. LOL

    I hear those calls for pics but That would be TOO self incriminating!!!

    TOO much ammunition for a bunch of purse loving gals!! ROFL!!

    I FINALLY got down to doing the other eyebrow and the 5 other toes... heheheheh:p

    AS for Twinkle's question ofwhy i started 2 different things... :shrugs:

    I think I was doing a combination of procrastinating and tackling ADD

    i have to stare and focus into the mirror and pluck my brows. My very thick and messy brows mind you .... Ouch ouch ouch...

    stare focus pluck.... Woooo OUCH... :push:

    So i thought i'd take a breather from the pain... and head to my toes....

    WELL bending over to paint my toes got a little tiring after a while too ....

    then i was EXHAUSTED... but i was looking so funny i came here to tell you gals....

    THEN i went to bed to rest....

    and MANY hours later... completed the other brow and toes...

  15. ^^ LOL, well done, B!!