I'm a Balenciaga virgin no more! =D

  1. Hi girls!! For months I've been lurking and oggling all the pretty B-Bags here in the forum and finally sold all my Coach and saved up money to get my own! Thanks to the wonderful mas2388 and Frozen_Alaska my dreams finally came true! Introducing my '07 Ocean First and '05 Bubblegum First!

    I've never even seen a B-Bag up close here in Boston so I had NO IDEA how gorgeous they were IRL! Wow the leather, SOO TASTY!!! I'm so happy!!
    bbag2.jpg bbag3.jpg bbag1.jpg
  2. wow!! they are beautiful!!!! welcome to our world! Its a slippery slope!
  3. Congrats. :yahoo:I promise these won't be your last ones either.:graucho:
  4. Congratulations! Your bags are beautiful. I agree with Nanaz, these will not be your last ones. :nuts:
  5. what a beautiful pair!! wear them in good health!
  6. wonderful choice for first bbags! congratulations :smile:
  7. what a beautiful pair!! wear them in good health!
  8. Wow, Candy you scored BIG:nuts: i love those colors, and the bag looks HOT on you! I think I am lovin the Firsts more than any other now!
  9. such fabulous colors! Congrats!!! You will be back for many more ;)
  10. UH OH...it sounds like someone is addicted now!:devil::welcome:WELCOME to the crazy club of us girls here that have the same problem!;) GREAT first finds!
  11. love them!! congrats and welcome to the obsession!
  12. 2 bbags as your first purchase--sounds like the beginning of a beautiful addiction to me! Congrats, they're gorgeous and look great on you!
  13. They are both gorgeous!
  14. So... what are you going to sell next to fund the next one? Just kidding... Congrats! Aren't they wonderful? I really love your bubblegum pink!
  15. You sold all of your Coach?? - ahhh!!! I can't part with any of my bags - I love all of them so much. But, I understand your love for bbags. I only have two bbgas and I have a black city coming soon and I can't wait to get it. Anyway, congrats on the beautiful new bags!!! They look great on you!!!!!!!