I'm a bad little girl! (mom

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  1. I ended up leaving TPF yesterday afternoon and spending all day with my little guy and my big guy..WHen I plopped on the couch and looked over at the computer I just had to groan! NO energy for any modeling pics!

    But I have my cousin coming to spend the weekend and i SWEAR we will be doing modeling pics of bags/bandanas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. :lecture:
  3. Haha ... :roflmfao:

    Can't wait to see your upcoming pix :love:

  4. Me neither - that was quite a haul!
    :popcorn:<-- me waiting patiently.
  5. Waiting patiently :biggrin:
  6. :sneaky:better get those pictures up..i won't answer any of ur posts b4 then :blah:
  7. Can't wait...
  8. GOOD!! I want to see! haha! I need to do a few modeling pics too!

  9. looool that's hilarious

    i'm with u
  10. :lol: Waiting patiently...
  11. Go drink a Monster energy drink or something!!! I wanna see pics!! LOL
  12. I expect to see pics by this weekend or no new bags for you! Just kidding- can't wait to see the pics
  13. jepoardy song. doo dee doo doo doo dee doo. doo dee doo dee DOO dee dee daa daa daa.