I'm a bad girl...I ordered a Med and a Large Muse .


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Oct 7, 2006
LVmama :yahoo: I am so happy for you...I know what you mean about using it everyday...I change bags DAILY but since my off white muse came I HAVE NOT CHANGED bags at all...IT goes great with Everything I have worn these few days;)

Diana Good Taste;) The bag is PEFECT as you know

Katrina WHAT A GREAT xmas gift wear it in Good health...

I am so sorry I waited SO LONG to get this bag....
Thanks VipStyle!! You do the same. I don't know why we both waited so long to get this bag!! ;)


Feb 6, 2007
I just bought the medium Muse in ocra today at Saks. Do you still love it? I am having a little bit of buyer's remorse. I think I want it in large, but I can't find it anywhere. Saks doesn't have it. I called a bunch of the YSL boutiques, and they don't have it. I was also thinking of getting off white but I was worried about how it would look in the winter...