I'm a bad girl...I ordered a Med and a Large Muse .

luv my bags

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Nov 17, 2006
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Woohoo!! You're keeping both! :yahoo: I :heart: my large white one, it's funny how many comments I get on this bag! I'll have to look at the new Spring colors that this bag will be coming in, I wouldn't mind having 2 of these bags! Does the med fit over your shoulder? I like the fact that the large one fits over your shoulder very easily! :wlae:

Enjoy your new bags!


♥ H.M.B. ♥
Luv my bags YES THE MED fits over my shoulder...
I just got back from saks and used the white bag and 3 people said something about it:graucho:
ALSO...FYI THE SA AT saks said to use Coach Leather cleaner on the bag if it gets dirty..THAT IS WHAT THEY USE ON THE BAGS AT SAKS SHE told me...
Oct 25, 2006
They are both gorgeous, but I think i like the white on best. The white will definitely be the "it" bag for Summer 2007!!! Congrats.


Mar 1, 2006
VipStyle, congrats on your Muses. =) They are both gorgeous, I love them especially the off-white one. Enjoy. =)


♥ H.M.B. ♥
Congrats on both bags.
Now that you have them both - which size do you like better?
Thats a hard call...
I LOVE the Med....BUT the large is easier to get into..I have used the LARGE MORE in the last few days because of the color..I LOVE IT SO MUCH....
I think having one in each size is the way to go to be honest...I really can't pick which is better...If you carry alot of stuff LARGE if not then MED..they are both wonderful bags


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Oct 7, 2006
Baltimore, MD
VipStyle -- I LOVE your bags....And guess what...I got the Oversized Muse in off-white yesterday for Christmas!!!!! It is HUGE, but I love it. I couldn't wait to carry it, so I carried it all day yesterday, and I am carrying it today. I have gotten so many compliments. So, congrats on your bags!!


Jun 11, 2006
I just got my large muse in ivory and i've been using it EVERYDAY since i got it ! great bag, great size and i'm just a very short 5'0.....


♥ H.M.B. ♥
LVmama :yahoo: I am so happy for you...I know what you mean about using it everyday...I change bags DAILY but since my off white muse came I HAVE NOT CHANGED bags at all...IT goes great with Everything I have worn these few days;)

Diana Good Taste;) The bag is PEFECT as you know

Katrina WHAT A GREAT xmas gift wear it in Good health...

I am so sorry I waited SO LONG to get this bag....