I'm a bad girl...I ordered a Med and a Large Muse .

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  1. Hi girls, I am a Chanel / Vuitton girl and I have been looking at this YSL MUSE for awhile in this forum...I have NEVER seen them in person BUT they look like a fun/Classic bag..
    Are these bags STILL IN STYLE...???KWIM???
    I know they were HOT last year and just wondering ...I don't want to carry a bag that is OUT OF STYLE and I AM NEW to the YSL collection

    Sunday I went to sak.com and placed a order for the med in OCRA here is the link Yves Saint Laurent - Muse Medium Zip Top Bag - Saks.com

    Then I called saks in NYC (since I can save on tax) and the SA there (SHE WAS SO NICE & HELPFUL) said she had a LARGE OFF WHITE and that was the color EVERYONE has been asking for and for.....She also said off white/white is the it color for next year ......( Saks.com sold out sunday in that color in med) ANYWAY LONG STORY SHORT both bags are to arrive tomorrow:yahoo: ...I hope I DON'T LIKE BOTH:nuts: I only want to keep one....so I guess I will see about the color and size...I JUST HOPE I DON'T LIKE BOTH BECAUSE then I will have to keep both...:P ...DH is home for 2weeks so HE KNOWS the bags are coming and I told him I WILL ONLY KEEP one and he said RIGHT:rolleyes: then he said Merry Xmas and Happy birthday keep both (my BD is in 2 weeks) SO I guess I will post pictures tomorrow...
    If anyone has any comments on the colors and size BAD or good PLEASE let me know..THANKS GIRLS XOXO:heart:
  2. I've been thinking/looking/dreaming about muses. Sounds like you got the perfect ones!! Please post pics--I'd love to see how the different sizes compare. Congrats!!!
  3. Congrats! I can't wait to see the pictures.
  4. i have the medium and love it. congrats!! :biggrin:
  5. I have 2 muses too--same size (medium)--different colors. I think you'll have a lot of fun with yours!
  6. I have the large in off-white and :heart: it. The medium is too small and the OS is ridiculously big on me (5'2"), so the large was perfect! :yahoo: I have used it only 4-5x since I got it (have too many other bags to rotate through-LOL) and everytime I use it I get tons of compliments!

    I think you'll like the large instead of the medium, BUT if you do like them both.....KEEP THEM BOTH! :wlae:
  7. I have a large chocolate Muse and really love it! I think the Muse is a beautiful, classic style and also a very user friendly bag. I've had a lot of fun with this bag, especially tying a pretty Hermes bag to "her"!!! Congrats on what ever you decide....have fun with your new bag or bags!!!!!!
  8. Thanks everyone...I guess tomorrow I will decide if I keep them both or ONLY one of them:rolleyes:
    I will post pictures AS SOON as they get here...:heart:
  9. I LOVE the size...and the color looks more TAN in person THEN ORANGE in the pictures...
    I will post pictures of the other one when it gets here today also...

  10. here is a picture taken outside

    The picture / Color on sak.com looked like this
  11. ^^ TDF :drool::drool:
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! and so does my DH
    He likes the white one better then the other one

  13. i love them both!! how will you decide? white for me
  14. keep the tan.
  15. AS OF NOW....I am keeping both:graucho:
    I used the tan one last nite and LOVED IT...(looks great with gray and jeans)
    I just came back from getting pedicure & Manicure and used the off white bag and the girls LOVED IT...