i'm a BAD birkin mommy....

  1. oh dear. i knew this would happen, yet a part of me was hoping it wouldn't. well....it did. i have a gold-ish "U" shape under the turnkey of my black togo birkin. i have gold hardware and i hung my lock on the turnkey and of course....the swinging motion of the lock over these past few months has left a lovely sparkly mark on my bag. a BIG mark too! :tdown: yes....i messed up ladies. please learn from my mistake!!!! ugh! could have totally been preventable. i hope hermes can somehow remove this. :confused1:
  2. Ohhh, I hope they can, too.

    Are you gonna send her to the spa ASAP, PBC?
  3. can you post any pictures? what turkey are you talking about ol
    but sorry your upset
  4. ohhh I hate when things like this happen,maybe a trip to the spa will blend it out:yes:

  5. [​IMG]

    the turkey in question.

    SG - turNkey!!!!!!! LOL, you crack me up.....
  6. LMAO!!!!! I LOVE Turnkeys........
  7. especially with cranberry sauce.

    PBC - is it very visible on black?
  8. I would think; it´s normal and don´t worry about it! You aren´t a bad mommy!
  9. YES YOU HAVE! Now bend over so I can spank you! :happydance:
  10. Nice TurNkey
  11. oh La LA!!!!!!

  12. PBC are you saying that the HW or the leather is where the marking is? The leather would be easy to clean up, obviously. The HW might be more difficult although I am sure that they might be able to buff it a bit in order to make the U-shape less prominate....perhaps other people have experienced this same phenomenom and can chime it. (Hermes has buffed a few pieces of silver jewelry for me).
    I always hang my charms from the clochette, so I was just having a little difficulty picturing exactly what you were describing. GL getting this resolved to your satisfaction.
  13. The threads always get dirty this late at night......:p
  14. Please, it is the middle of the day for GF, she just starts drinking around noon...

  15. ^^ :roflmfao: