I'm 30 weeks along and the baby has dropped!

  1. Went for my 30 week sono yesterday and he's approx 4 lbs and 15 in so far. :smile:
    I'm so excited, we saw his face and he's so cute! We were in the sono room for almost an hour cuz he wouldn't let the doctor see his left arm, he had it tucked under his head haha no matter what the doctor did to shake him, he wouldn't move it! He was just comfortable I guess. lolz.
  2. that's great
  3. he sure knows how to be at a comfortable napping position :lol:.

    i'm looking forward to my 32weeks scan :smile:. i hope this time we will know his/her gender -> he/she refuses to move when we did the 20weeks scan lol.
  4. aww hooray! That's very exciting. I had my 3 months ultrasound yesterday, and my baby now looks like an actual baby!! Toes and all! and it was very active. I can't wait till I'm further along!
  5. My most recent ultrasound was yesterday, i'm just over the 31 week mark. My baby had one of his hands in his mouth, it looked so cute :p When they tried to get a 10 second stretch of the baby's heartbeat, but it kept being distorted because he kept kicking and moving so we had to wait for about 5 minutes until he decided to go back to sleep, when he did become still he put his hand back in his mouth :girlsigh:
  6. when i had my scan to find out the gender of my baby he was being cheeky and woulnd't show it to us, so my doctor told me to go for a 10 minute walk and to have a chocolate Mars bar, the sugar rush woke the baby right up and we were able to see quite clearly that he was a boy :lol:
  7. ^ your baby is a good :smile:. my baby wouldn't let us see even after we tried to take 15mins walk with food twice lol.
  8. how exciting!! I loved getting U/S!
  9. How cute! I have my next one on Feb. 1; hopefully my little guy will be cooperative. He wasn't at the last one -- not only had he dropped so we couldn't get a good look at his face, he was back out/facing in, so the only pictures I got were of his spine and one of his foot. I had one today to check his heart, so pretty limited, but I asked the pediatric cardiologist if we could see his face, and it was still way down there and facing away, so no go again...

    Danica, how exciting! I remember the first couple of ultrasounds I was like "Which end is which? That's the head? No, that's the head?" It was so exciting when they finally started to look like a recognizable baby! They're so much cooler later on, when you can start to see more.
  10. The baby will let you see what he/she wants you to see, lol. I didn't know that eating and walking around will make it easier to decipher the sex. The tech had to shake the baby around till he moved. This time it was clearly apparent, his legs were wide open cuz he kept moving around. I love sonos too, it's amazing watching your creation develop inside you.

    Ms p, good luck on your next scan, hope you find out!

    Danica, the scans get even more detailed as you progress and it's amazing what you see!
  11. I just got back from the doctor's office and they said that the results of my sono came back and the baby is in the 90th percentile! Is 4 lbs really that big for 30 weeks?
    I don't want a c-section....