I'm 26! Now, where do I want to go today?

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  1. :yahoo:I'M OFFICIALLY ONE YEAR OLDER :yahoo:

    bf's taking me out for dinner..keeping it a surprise..but i want to go to SCP!!guess why...? ;)

    definitely overspent these two months..and i'm going to vegas this friday! (LV shops everywhere~!!!!!)

    he promised a small gift (because he's bought me a 42" plasma TV just a couple of weeks ago and i feel bad if he gets me a big present)...from tiffany's! and i get to choose my gift in our birthday/vacation vegas trip~!!

    should i switch that to...something LV? originally i wanted something i can wear everyday to remember this birthday.. but i don't really have anything in mind apart from another bag! :rolleyes:

  2. Happy b-day first and foremost! Secondly, go LV!
  3. Happy Birthday :heart:
  4. Happy Birthday.
  5. Happy Birthday! Go to LV definitely!
  6. Happy Birthday....buy what youll appreciate more.
  7. Happy Birthday!!:balloon::balloon::balloon: Go ahead and go to LV. Have a great time in Las Vegas. My favorite LV was at Caesar's - all the SA's are really nice and helpful.
  8. [​IMG] Rensky!
  9. Happy Birthday,Get a jewelry item from Tiff, you can wear everyday. You will always remember the blue box. OK dont shoot me people. LOL!!!
  10. Happy Birthday! Hope that you have a wonderful day!
  11. Happy B-day and get what you love the most!
  12. Happy Birthday, Rensky!!!! :smile:
  13. thanks u all!!!!!!!!
  14. happy b-day!

    LV is always a great choice! :graucho:
  15. Happy Birthday :flowers: ~ Hope you find something really special!!