Im 25, What do you think of this necklace for me?

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  1. I think that its super cute....will be great with jeans and t-shirts and other casual outfits....I also have a few interesting pieces like that and I have alot of fun with them...

    I think that its a great choice!!!!!
  2. I think it's very cute~! Would go well with many outfits & age appropriate. :smile:
  3. I love it!! I think it's soooo cute!! :girlsigh:
  4. YAY!! I just ordered it! Saks has it too but it says back ordered until 11/08 on their site :sweatdrop: so I hurried up and ordered (Just in case) hehe
  5. I like it...It's very cute
  6. so adorable! i love it!
  7. that IS cute.
  8. totally adorable! can't wait to see pics of it!
  9. Yup cute!
  10. Yes on age appropriate, but does it scare anyone? It looks like it's attached by the head and the neck is a swivel . . . .makes me think that it'll start flailing at any moment.
  11. Sorry to be the one dissenter, but I think it might be a piece that you might regret buying, especially later. At 25 maybe something more sophisticated that you can wear for many years without worry of being age inappropriate?

  12. I have to agree with Lola... it isn't really age-appropriate for a mature 25 year old and for that price I would have put the money aside until I had more and bought more of an investment piece/quarter-life-celebration piece!
  13. I have to agree with Lola and Shari!
  14. I think its cute, and its at a good price point, so you won't want to kill yourself if you're "over it" in a few years.