I'm 22 and...

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  1. I'm looking for a Chanel bag that will go with a lot of casual (blazers, tees, jeans, bermuda shorts). Also it would be nice if I could wear it in the winter with coats and heels. I like meadium to large sized bags.

    I'm between the...
    • Luxe Ligne
    • Vintage Ligne
    • Diamond Stitch
    Which one would you say fits my need the best (and looks the best haha)
  2. Maybe something with a chain strap from either Luxe or DS linges....I have the Diamond Stitch in the small tote style and find it very versatile for jeans or casual /smart dressing. Hope this helps.
  3. i'm younger than you and i love the chanel luxe bowler, (getting one soon after saving up for what feels like forever) i feel that it can be dressed up and down, but if you have a department store near you that stock Chanel or a Chanel store nearby, i would go and try some different bags out from the lines that you like just for a tester. Hope this helps you, Good Luck!
  4. Def. a Luxe
  5. luxe fo sho
  6. A med Luxe Bowler, but I agree, you have to try some on!
  7. Lux whether it be the Bowler or the Flap...Loving the new Bronze color!!!
  8. yeah TOTALLY go for the lux bowler!!! its so YUMMY!!!
  9. i am about ur age and i love the new COCO patent vinyl tote!!!!!!!!!!!

    It totally rocks with jeans!!!!!!!!!! My current fav school bag!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I'm going to be 21 this year and prefer either Cambons or Classic Flaps (226, especially) in Caviar.
    But from your list, I'd go with a bag from the Lux line :smile:
  11. Luxe!!!!
  12. I definitely think you should get a Luxe bag! I have the metallic black bowler and I love love LOVE it! It is the only one of my bags that I have not had a single doubt about.
  13. Luxe, but people on this forum would know how obsessed I am with that bag. Go for medium size in black or bronze, the new colour for f/w 2006. Black could be dressed up or down, though.

    Otherwise, go for the diamond shine, that's my second fav.