I'm 21..is Hermes too old for me?? please please HELP!!

  1. Hi everyone,
    after seeing everyone showing off their hermes..
    I have this SEVERE urge to purchase a Kelly..

    but my mom and my friends say that I'm too young to be wearing Hermes..

    what do you think ladies?
    is Hermes a brand for 30s and up??
    would it look funny if I wear it to a friends social gathering, a birthday party of some sort??

    but I have a feeling that if I don't purge now..and buy one..I never will!! what should I do????:crybaby:
  2. hmmmmmm.....at 21 can you afford a Kelly on your own? If you can, and you have a real appreciation for the brand and you really want one, then why not?
  3. I've been working full time for a year already..and I graduated early from university cuz I skipped a couple grades, and lastly..I've been SAVING money.:yes: ..hehe..I don't really buy anything but recently, I find this instant attraction towards handbags..and I'm starting to learn the beauty of spending ..which isn't so good..:sweatdrop: but yeah..what's the point of earning if you don't buy anything right? anyways..so the money..definitely does not come from my parents..haha! I don't dare to ask them..though them letting me stay home and stuff until I get married really helps me to save money!! (coming from an asian family..parents don't really let go of children until they're married..)
  4. IF you have the money to get what you want and if it is the Kelly or Birkin......I say go for it!

    You earned all the money yourself you should be able to spend it any way you desire.

    You are not too young......I wish I had an appreciation at 21 years old....it took me to year 24 to really appreciate it!

    Good luck on you potential purchase and on your impending marriage.
  5. If you have your own money to do it, why not?
  6. if you've got the means and you find one you LOVE, go for it! :biggrin: (not to mention the prices keep going up every year...)

    i say get a teeny one or a huge one!
  7. If you can afford it, and you certainly have a love for it, why not?? You shouldn't care what others believe is suitable for you or not. As long as you're not hurting anyone, splurge! It's a great bag to have, and you will be the classiest among your mates. Go for it, and show us!
  8. :yahoo: awww* thanks everyone for being so supportive :yes: Really appreciate all your feedbacks there! I should have add that..I'm going to buy a USED one..just cuz I think if I buy a brand new one..I may be too afraid to use it..scared to get it dirty and what not..
    and also..

    a lot of people say that it depends on the COLOR of the bag whether the bag will be too mature or old on u..

    but I'm thinking of buying BLACK!!..am I a boring girl or what :confused1:


    you'll find a lot of ladies here own black! it's a classic, never boring! :biggrin:

    word of caution, if you go used, please be wary of sellers unless they are reputable...the authenticate this thread in the shopping section will prove useful.

    good luck! boy i wish i had been a bit more fashionable when i was 21, but i wouldn't have had the means to get one at that point anyway :biggrin:
  10. thx for the word of advice!! :p I would definitely be careful at buying used items and make sure that the lovely ladies here authenticate it for me before I take out I make my credit card cry :p :heart:
  11. How about a gorgeous Blue Jean Retourne Kelly for your first bag? I got to see one in action in NY and I really loved it on the woman carrying it......looked fantastic!!!!
  12. ..oh yes and please don't buy anything used/off eBay without having the ladies here authenticate it for you!!!!!!!!
  13. I LOVE your thinking! Welcome to the PF! :flowers:

  14. A black Kelly? Where is Rose? She would
    think you have excellent taste :yes:

    My first H bag was the day I turned 22. A Black Box Calf Kelly. It is the perfect
    bag :heart:
  15. omg..shopmom411..great taste!!:yes: :heart: It was actually the Blue Jean Kelly that got my whole urge to purchase a Kelly started!!! but it's so hard to find one..dat's one problem..:crybaby: