iluvdesigner_1 small collection

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  1. I only started collecting designer bag just this year before joining the purseblog. Most of these bags are mines but of cause my mum can use them :smile:

    My lovely mum bought me a beautiful manhattan PM today at the LV store for my birthday on the 9th of december :smile: It's an awfully nice gift i think i will save up 2 buy her one :smile:

    I just bought the priscilla & havent used it yet. It wasn't on display so the sales rep got me a new one still with the plastic on it as it was just delivered to the LV store few days ago hehe.

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  2. Lovely collection! I love all the LV.
  3. I cant seem to post pictures :sad: Can someone tell me how?

    but these my LV monogram close up.
    1. Is my lovely Lv monogram theda everywhere my mum and I go people constantly stare at. The patina is just beautiful.

    2. My Ellipse

    3. My Manhattan PM. My parents didnt get me the GM because they felt it was like a shopping bag and too much trouble opening at the shops!

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  4. I like collecting a variety of bags :smile:

    1. VERSACE -My beautiful limited edition Versace 2006 bag :smile:

    2. CELINE- Limited edition 2006 monogram piece. Suprisingly I only just discovered celine is also owned by LVMH see the resemblence?

    3. EMPORIO ARMANI-I like using this for work

    4. GIORGIO ARMANI BAG- I have sold this it was getting too small for me

    5. Armani bag again- nice hobo bag understated as well. I sold it :smile:

    6. Gucci bag. Unfortunately sold it cos it was just 2 small for my needs.

    I have also Guy laroche bags etc but i this is ok :smile: Personally I dont want too many but I really tempted to get a LV epanoui.

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  5. You seem to have your collection well thought out, including your future purchases :smartass:

    Beautiful collection :heart:
  6. Love them all! :biggrin:
  7. divine collection .. mono theda TDF :love:
  8. Love the Versace and the red LV :heart: :drool: . I have bee :drool: over that bag since I first saw it. What is the name of it?
  9. love your bday present! thanks for sharing =)
  10. Thank u all I'm fairly new to the board so thank u very much for the compliments hehe.

    Chloe the patina is beautiful on the THEDA GM now my mum bought it in 2004. The Versace is so beautiful I always get so many compliments with this bag hehe just need to becareful of glass plaque :smile:

    edsbgrl the red LV bag is called the LV STAMPED PM made of all calf leather its cute hehe :smile: Unfortunately it is discontinued dear u wont b able to get it anymore it's a shame it was only released for a coupla months. :sad:
  11. minami thank u :smile: I went to the LV store today to make sure I was happy with the manhattan PM. Honestly I wanted the Manhattan GM before but when I saw it in person it is quite bit big. Even the LV lady was wondering why I would need such a big bag & it is alot of trouble getting the strap apart etc.

    I think I better give my mum & dad a XMAS present from the LV store I'm sensing a big hint LOL
  12. Very nice!
  13. I've never seen a red Stamped GM bag!!! Great collection!!!
  14. I love that versace! It's gorgeous!
  15. great collection, love them all