ILOVETOKIDOKI Collection of Tokidoki Purses

  1. Here is my bambinone playground.;)
  2. I can't see it!! The link isn't working!! :confused1:
  3. I think the files are too big I will have to try again to upload the pictures. Sorry everyone.
  4. Hmmm...can you save them to your computer and then copy and paste them into a message here?? That might work??
  5. if you want i can give you my e-mail and i can resize then host the pics for you
  6. Here is my Bambinone Playground I will have to take the pictures again of the others to make the files smaller.
    tokidoki playground.jpg
  7. Lovely.
  8. very cute!
  9. Adorable! I love those little blue birds they remind me of Cinderella.
  10. how do you like the bambinone so far?? i love your keychain!! where did ya get it?
  11. Here are My tokidoki purses . ;) I found a website that you can shrink your pictures .:yahoo:
    Paradiso Stellina.jpg Foresta Mamma Mia.jpg Inferno Mamma Mia.jpg Pirate Mamma Mia.jpg Paradiso Dolce.jpg
  12. Watch out...I'm gonna find out where you live and steal that inferno. Must...have...inferno....
  13. Here is a better picture of my bambinone playground and a picture of my caramellas and denaro. ;) I am still waiting on my Pirate Caramella from pulse.
    Bambinone Playground.jpg Caramellas and Denaro.jpg
  14. Thank you everyone for the compliments.
    vmasterz : I like my bambinone alot but I wish I had another playground in a bigger print. I bought the keychain at Claires , it is a Nicky Hilton Keychain.

    frogbubbles: I would put up a good fight .:boxing: LOL :lol: