ILoveShop.Com Sidewalk Sale (New York)

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    <BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">Greetings from!</BIG>

    <BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">Here's a quick note from to tell you lovely ladies about our Lower East Side sidewalk sale. If you live in the area, or happen to be in town, you won't want to miss this weekend-long summer sale. Just grab yourself a to-go margarita and saunter on over to shop. for some much-deserved retail therapy.</BIG>

    <BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">Starting this Thursday, August 16th, and ending this Sunday, August 20th, many of our most awesome heels, blouses, earrings, flats, slacks, and tee's from this season will be on sale. We'll have a rack outside with items marked up to 75% off, a shoe section, stacked high with great sale flats and heels, and an in-store sale section with clothes marked to at least 75% off. </BIG>

    <BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">We know, it's exciting...let's all take a deep breath. Just mark this in your planner, and you're good to go.

    </BIG><BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">shop. + sidewalk sale!
    </BIG><BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">105 Stanton St.
    (on the corner of Ludlow and Stanton St.)</BIG>
    <BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">NY,NY
    </BIG><BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">10002</BIG>

    <BIG style="COLOR: rgb(153,51,153); FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">nearest subway: F/V at 2nd Ave. and Houston St.</BIG>
    <BIG style="COLOR: rgb(153,51,153); FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">inquiries: 212.375.0304 </BIG>

    <BIG style="COLOR: rgb(153,51,153); FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">
    </BIG><BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">Want a little teaser for this weekend's sale to end all sales? No problem! </BIG>
    <BIG style="COLOR: rgb(153,51,153); FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">
    [​IMG]</BIG>[FONT=Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif][​IMG][/FONT]<BIG style="COLOR: rgb(153,51,153); FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">[​IMG]

    <BIG style="COLOR: rgb(0,0,0); FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">This Twinkle by Wenlan fortune teller dress, Issy Salomon ivory lucite necklace, and Mooka Kinney pink branch jumper will all make an appearance, and that's just three items, just imagine the possibilities...

    </BIG><BIG style="FONT-FAMILY: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">[FONT=Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif]Because we love you! And you love shop… [/FONT]</BIG>​
  2. i swear, bagachondriac, you find the best sales/info/deals ever! i'll def be there!

  3. Thanks FALLAX kind of you to say that! Ya know...I love finding these deals and get a lot of satisfaction when PF members get excited over them (like the incredible LP sale). I love to help people save money...or spend money, depending on how you look at it!! :yes:
  4. OMG OMG OMG..i am hyperventilating!!! Thanks bagachondriac!!!!! I am sooo going
  5. Tempted Tempted Tempted.
  6. well i'm going for sure bagachondriac, and i'll post pics if i end up buying anything!

  7. Thanks...I'm envious, but yet I don't need to spend any more money right now!! Have fun. :yes:
  8. they definitely had a good selection, but not many sizes left. there was a really cute dress there, but there was only one and in a size P! no handbags were on sale, but i did end up getting a pair of black ballet flats. nothing too exciting, but i'm glad i went because the boutique is cute! somehow i never noticed it even though i go across the street to foley+corinna. anyways, thanks for posting!!
  9. I'm sorry that you didn't find more...but maybe next time. Did you see this thread? Does it sound like anything you would want to investigate?

    Billion Dollar Babes NY Sale(From SheFinds Newsletter)
  10. waaa! you're gonna make me cry!! i just checked out the link. aw man, aw man!!! the link to RSVP doesn't work for me though...
  11. I wished I saw this earlier!!:sad: I love this boutique! I am going to stop by today!
  12. Went right before having drinks at SS. Selection for smaller girls..0-2 is nothing! BAH. Saw this to DIE for trapeze Phillip Lim for 108$ but it was 6! =*(