*ILOVEPURSES* lv collection

  1. Hi...I am new here and have been collecting LV for just about 1 year. Here are my most recent pictures...


  2. Thanks for sharing this ginormous collection!
  3. wow.. and only a year! im shocked, you have quite a variety in there.. well done, keep up the good work ahah
  4. Great collection.
  5. sweet collection, thanks for sharing.
  6. wowzers:nuts: great collection! i'm drooling!:drool:
  7. Speeeccccchless. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  8. OMG! :nuts:
    Just amazing.
  9. Wow! what a collection!
  10. Wow! Huge collection for only a year!
  11. wow, massive collection in such a short time!!:nuts:
  12. Fantastic!! :nuts: Thanks for the great pictures!!
  13. Wowza! Just one year??? Very nice collection!
  14. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    your collection rocks!!!!!
  15. :heart: Love your collection!!! :nuts:
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