ILML's New AdoPtiOnS... I am so HaPpY!!

  1. I Am So HappY That I reCenTly AdoPteD My FouR new H BabIEs. I was so In LOVE wiTh Natural lizard OmBRe but I paid for a kelly25 in PaRis when I was there. LuCkILy with the help of my lovely friends,:heart: I got the Kelly pochette and a birkin 25 in it instead which I like more. :yahoo: So I cancelled the kelly 25 in Paris and got the store credit for it.

    Here are my 2 new babies. I love them both, they are my first KP and my first birkin 25. :love:


  2. Whoa.... OMG *thud* those are SPECTACULAR!

    ILML, you should change your name to "You Want My Life!" :roflmfao: Lovely! :woohoo:
  3. wow... :drool: those are both TDF!! i think you made great choices.. congrats!!
  4. Good for you, ILML! Don't you just love the 25cm Birkin? What could be cuter? Congrats on your gorgeous new treats!
  5. thud thud thud. beautiful!
  6. These are the closed up pictures of the lizard ombre. I know some people don't like the skin and get scared. There are people who either like it or hate it. Some of my friends hate it and think it is ugly. But I am so in love and I think it is very charming and has a character. I can't stop looking at them and I bring them with me everywhere I go in the house. :love:


  7. Wow ILML! What gorgeous additions to your already lovely collections.
  8. This is a little sister in KP. I never have a KP before. It is so cute!!! :woohoo:


  9. Wow, what lovely additions to your family, amazing!!Thanks for sharing!x
  10. Oh, an ILML Thread! I love these!:nuts: We've been too long w/o a new ILML Thread!

    First of all, I LOVE the title of your thread! You sound as happy and carefree as a teenager with the capitalizing;)

    And I feel almost as happy as a teen seeing your new bags. Both bags are spectacular! Perfectly in the ILML Style :smile: Congrats.
  11. Well, I like these bags especially b/c they are so unique! You are not going to see every other woman walking down the streets with these bags. Congrats to you--I do LOVE your life!!!

  12. Dear Ninja Sue,
    Thank you. I saw you have lovely birkin 25 and I always :drool: on them. This is my first in size 25 and I am so in love. I think I can use it both day and night. It is the cutest bag ever!! :yes: I want a few more. :p

    Thank you evErYOnE. :flowers::flowers::flowers: for joining me and leT me share the bEAutY of these baBieS with You.
  13. OMG - they are both stunnning! ILML - congrats on the new babies!
  14. They are stunning! Congrats!
  15. Yes, they're stunning!!!! Congrats ILML, you lucky woman:heart: