Illustre trunk key holder 1 or both??

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  1. Hi All

    So on Monday I revealed my first ever illustre trunk key holder in Bordeaux/monogram to go onto my also new DE neverfull ( my own bag at the moment) I love the combination and will keep them both. Since Monday I have been thinking if I should also get the trunk beige/DE as well? I know I wouldn't buy any of the other bag charms because for me I would rather buy another SLG for the same price and I think the illustre charms are better priced and like that they are LE. I phoned customer service as they have none online and was told they have 2 left in London were I live.

    I don't know if I should get the beige and well as they are similar and if it's worth it as I already have it in the Bordeaux version,but if I don't I won't be able to get it again (I don't like buying pre loved)

    What would you do?

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  2. If you really like and will use why not. I have the one in the picture and I use as a keychain for car fob instead of bag charm. I love it. I was using a Chanel key pouch before but was too bulky and annoying to constantly zip my key in and out and I couldn't fit in my pocket easily.
  3. I like the idea of both, you like them.
    The pic you posted is so pretty!
  4. My rule : if you love it- get it. You might kick yourself later if you didn't! (Speaking from experience...)
  5. If you like them both, I think that you should get both.

    I own the mono canvas (bordeaux) and have ordered the damier ebene canvas (beige), which should arrive tomorrow. I agree with you: The price is not bad for LV, and they are LE. In the states, these flat canvas key chains (trunks and carousels) are going for $400+ preloved already. The crazy thing is that they still are available from LV for $235 in the states! (Crazy to me at least to buy pre-loved when you can buy new from LV.)

    One note of caution: If you are particular about your LV items, make sure that the trunk is centered properly. The first trunk key chain I bought had a slightly askew trunk, so I exchanged it.

    I also have the matching mini pochettes on order: One should arrive this week (damier), and the bordeaux is a product request that I should get next week.

    Good luck with your decision, and enjoy your beautiful pieces! :smile:
  6. Both. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395874534.783455.jpg
  7. i have both, i say go for it while they are available ( are they still available?)
  8. Hello,

    Sorry, I want to clarify one of my statements: (Crazy to me at least to buy pre-loved when you can buy new from LV.)

    I meant that sentence in context with the previous sentences about the key ring being more pre-loved when it is still available new from LV. So what I meant was I don't understand why someone would pay more $$$ for a pre-loved item when they could spend less buying it new from LV.

    I completely understand the desire to save money (or that someone might not know that the item still is available new from LV)!
  9. Your right , I probably would rick myself if a changed my mind.
  10. The Bordeaux is on plane still( which I already have)

    The beige one seems to be lower as you can't get them online anymore and customer service have said they have a few units ( like 2 left in London)

    After seeing the picture I think I will buy it. I phoned customer service who have request a store to keep one for me. They said the store will let me know within 48 hours if it's been saved. So figures crossed they will have one for me.
  11. I like both but I waited too long and now they are gone in my store :sad:
  12. I got a message to say they have saved me one in London :woohoo:

    I'm going to pick it up tomorrow .

    I can't wait

  13. +1!👍
  14. Definitely get it if you want it!
    I finally decided to buy one and I happened to find one (the Bordeaux one) available online on last night. I couldn't believe it so I called Customer Service to see if there were any mini pochettes available too. Right away she said NO without even looking at her computer and I said "Oh, I saw one online on your website tonight. "She said--That happens all the time, but when you add it to your cart it will come up unavailable!!! They're all sold out in the U.S.

    I never heard of that! So I hung up, went online and purchased it! It shipped today!! LOL! What a lazy ignorant rep I got. Usually they are so helpful. It just goes to show you can't always believe them.