Illustre Transatlantique Collection

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  1. So after looking at a few posts here of the evasion line, I fell in love... And fell hard since they were discontinued.

    I called LV and found out that their new line in September will be a boat on the right side, with a couple on the left, and a few birds with pink and blue lines for the water.

    Can't wait and thought I would share this with you all! Already put my name on the wait list!!!
  2. I think there are preview pictures of this line already floating on TPF.
  3. Can you link? I tried looking earlier and my efforts failed lol
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  4. Here you go! I saved this from an earlier post because I love the travel illustrated items too. 1467683012390.jpg
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  5. Ohh... Now I'm debating if mono or de is better...
  6. Me too. Generally I prefer mono if I don't have to worry about vachetta but the yellow color of the boat looks awesome! Looking forward to seeing what the final product looks like.
  7. Beautiful! This is the first I've seen of this LE edition. Thanks for posting.
  8. Is that also a round coin purse I see in this line??? That could be fun, although the mini pochette is such a useful little item.
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  9. Does anyone have anymore info on this line?? I'm waiting (not so patiently ;)
  10. Whatever happened to this line btw?
  11. Out in October I believe
  12. Are you able to reserve yet??