Illovo pm - permanent collection

  1. Ok, now that I have decided that I must get an Illovo pm, eLux is sold out! Please tell me this bag is a permanent piece and I will be able to get one?:confused1: I love the damier and want to add the Illovo to go along with my Speedy 30. Thanks~!
  2. I am pretty sure it is a permanent piece. I bought mine a few months ago at the LV Boutique in Atlantic City and I think the SA would have told me if it was LE.
  3. ^^ITA- it's not going anywhere, probably just temorarily out of stock.
  4. I had looked into buying the Illovo PM, but it was just too small for a mommy of 3. My SA did not say anything to me about it being LE.
  5. Thanks! I am thinking of it as maybe more of an night out w/hubby/shopping with the girls bag. I have a Tikal pm that I just can't fall in love with and might be returning. The strap is too wide for me!
  6. if you call 1866, they will be able to locate one for ya!
  7. I'm pretty sure they arn't discontinued, Elux is probably out of stock.. you'll find it soon! Good luck!:p
  8. good luck on finding one, wont take long =] ohhh and i love blythes too.
  9. Owners--what would you say about the capacity of this bag? More than a pochette, yes?
  10. I'm sure they'll be in again soon... I always see them on eLuxury! I have one and I adore it. It's so easy to maintain and though it's a little small it's no problem for me. I really only carry a wallet and cell in it. Buy one, they're awesome!!!!!!!