Illovo MM pics?? Thoughts??

  1. Anyone have a pic of themself wearing the Illovo MM on there shoulder? I'm trying to get an idea of how big it is. I checked the "Visual Aids sticky" and there was a pic, but it looked like the PM size.

    Below is a link to a pic from the "Visual Aids sticky" (with the PM size)

    Anyone have pics of the MM??? Also if you own this bag...Pros/Cons??
    TIA!! :yes:
  2. My mom has one. I don't have a picture of it handy. I picked it out for her. She likes shoulder bags with quite a bit of space in them and I thought it was a nice basic style. It's basically just a big open space with a pocket on the side I believe. The picture from the "visual aids" is a little deceiving because it tends to slouch a little bit on the top if that makes sense. I will try and steal it from her and take a pic for you tonight if someone else doesn't beat me to it.
  3. I seen a lady with one a few mons. ago. Looked really nice! I want a damier shoulder bag. I have the speedy in damier. So, I'm looking for something that size..The dimensions seem to be close.

    The speedy 30: 12"L x 8"H x 6.5"W
    Illovo MM : 13.8"L x 7.5"H x 4.5"W

    Thx alot for all your info. and for posting a pic later (if it's not too much trouble).
  4. Here are the pics I promised. I took some next to my speedy 25, I thought maybe that would give you a better idea of the size. Please excuse my white legs and tanned feet! :shame: I've been kinda lazy when it comes to the self tanner lately.
    illovo-MM-001.jpg illovo-MM-012.jpg illovo-MM-008.jpg
  5. WOW, thx for the pics...helps out alot!!!!!:yes: I have the Cerise speedy which is a 25. Everything fits in it ok, I usually have just a bit of room left. Hmm looks like with the Illovo MM, I'd have even more room. Nice! It's very pretty! Not too fancy, yet classic looking. :yes:

    Thx again for posting!:flowers:

    btw, didn't see no white legs or tanned feet..heehee...;) But...speaking of sun....I need me some on my legs and shoulders! Hmm maybe tomorrow when I go walking. :yes:
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