Illovo MM- Does the lining still bleed?

  1. Someone recently posted a thread on whether the Damier Speedies still have issues with bleeding linings and I was wondering the same about the Illovo MM. I did a past search and a few members had some issues, but I was wondering if they had been resolved or not?

    I won't be able to buy it before the price increase because I have a regular Batignolles on its way to me, but I am planning on getting it soon (in March or April). Is it worth it even if the lining isn't perfect? TIA!
  2. i don't know but i tried it on tonight. i want one! trying to decide between that and a mini lin saumur and another bag i'm working on getting...
  3. I have the PM & no problems at all, it's a great bag. The MM is on my list, I love the shape & the opening makes it easy to see & find the things inside.