Illegal to ship python bag to CA?

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  1. My friend just sold a bag to a buyer at CA. and it is a python bag.. She think the buyer aware the local law but she still want the bag.

    should my friend ship it? will she get into trouble? or the law only apply to retailer? not consumer?
  2. So sorry, don't understand the question??!?!
  3. she might want to look into the law a little more...
    i'm thinking it might be illegal to "buy" or "sell" WITHIN the state of CA...but who says you can't ship it to?
    just trying to think of a loop-hole :shame:
  4. I know department stores can't ship python bags to CA, but I'm not sure about private parties...
  5. It's illegal to ship python commercially in California. Hence, they can't sell it here. You can however, buy it from other states and personally bring it with you. Since your friend is selling it to someone here, technically she is shipping it commercially.
  6. I am not sure, but depending on the nature of the sale it might not be commercial. If your friend has a "store" or eBay store or something along those lines then I would say commercial, but what does that law say about buying one elsewhere and crossing into CA with it? I know you can't sell one IN CA, or a retailer won't ship one TO CA...let us know what you find out!
  7. It is illegal to ship python products to CA. If discovered, she could be in legal trouble.
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  8. you are right JOV. customs check randomly too.
  9. They'd confiscate and destroy the bag. It's specifically California Penal Code section 653o that makes it illegal. It's a misdemeanor and carries a minimum fine of $1k and can go up to $5k. Here's a copy of the actual text of the code section:

    653o. (a) It is unlawful to import into this state for commercial
    purposes, to possess with intent to sell, or to sell within the
    , the dead body, or any part or product thereof, of any
    alligator, crocodile, polar bear, leopard, ocelot, tiger, cheetah,
    jaguar, sable antelope, wolf ( Canis lupus), zebra, whale, cobra,
    python, sea turtle, colobus monkey, kangaroo, vicuna, sea otter,
    free-roaming feral horse, dolphin or porpoise (Delphinidae), Spanish
    lynx, or elephant.
    Any person who violates any provision of this section is guilty of
    a misdemeanor and shall be subject to a fine of not less than one
    thousand dollars ($1,000) and not to exceed five thousand dollars
    ($5,000) or imprisonment in the county jail for not to exceed six
    months, or both such fine and imprisonment, for each violation.
    (b) The prohibitions against importation for commercial purposes,
    possession with intent to sell, and sale of the species listed in
    this section are severable
    . A finding of the invalidity of any one
    or more prohibitions shall not affect the validity of any remaining
  10. woo! thanks all of you. i told my friend to cancel the sales because I dont want her to get into trouble.
  11. My best friend lives in CA and she bought a pair of alligator boots (don't ask!!) from another state. When the seller realized that she lived in CA, they would not ship the item to her, and refunded her money.
    I would not risk shipping the item!!
  12. Hmmm ... very interesting. I would ALL of my friends in California have at least 1 (if not more) Python bags!!!!! I guess they buy them outside of California and carry? them back??? Otherwise, the stores would be in the same predicament!
  13. That'd be my guess. I do see people with python in CA. You can buy the product personally and bring it back into the state--just no commercial shipping.
  14. The language of the statute reads "for commercial purposes" though, so there is big argument to be made as to what constitutes a commercial purpose. However, you then have to pay someone an exhorbitant hourly fee to MAKE that argument, so probably best just to let it go and cancel the sale. Sorry...I took Legislation in law school! :P On the other hand, kudos to CA for making it illegal. (Apologies to all non-animal lovers.)