Illegal luxury goods?

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  1. I've recently read about shahtoosh shawls, they are a sought after luxury item, that costs over $10k and in some places considered to be a status symbol similar to Birkin.

    However all articles about shahtoosh say that not only selling, but even owning it is illegal in most countries, because it's made of fur of killed Tibetan antilopes that are as rare as giant pandas. It takes 3 dead antilopes to make one shawl, so all the owners are advised to give their shawls to avoid having problems with the law.

    Tha made me thinking what other luxury goods can be considered illegal. What things are people not allowed to own like shahtoosh?

    Anyone knows any illegal fashion or other luxury goods?
  2. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Python products (bags, shoes, etc) are illegal in California. Foi Gras is illegal in Chicago.

    I've never heard of a Shahtoosh before - going to google and check it out.
  3. Lots of snake things illegal in CA

    Cuban cigars, of course.

  4. I've read about shahtooshes. (What's wrong with pashminas? I have one and I LOVE mine!)

    Off the top of my head, I'd say anything made of black coral.

    I know people who have ivory-keyed pianos, and they have to have a piece of paper saying they got the piano before elephants were declared an endangered species.
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  5. I've seen a picture of the animal that shahtooshes came from. They're cute! They're like antelope.

    Read The Right Address by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman. (It's a good book and shahtoosh parties play a part in the plot.)

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  6. I knew I heard about Shahtooshes before!! :smile: That was a pretty good book :smile:
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  7. Pashminas are legal, the process of making pashminas doesn't requite killing animals. They are made from fine goat hair that just gets plucked out of a live animal.

    Is Python really illegal in CA? Does that mean I could get my Prada python hobo confiscated if I took it, say, to the Oscars? ;)

    Anyone knows any other illegal fashion or luxury items?

    Maybe not only animal products, but cars, jewelry as well?
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  8. I am pretty sure that real python is illegal in CA.
  9. It is illegal to sell, not to own, one of those weird loopholes.
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  10. "That purse is so hot that it should be illegal!"

    Clothing made from endangered species = not cool.

  11. LOL yeah thats what I meant:p
  12. For the record, foi gras is illegal to SELL in Chicago. I read an article in Time Out that said that a lot of restaurants are charging for everything that comes with the foi gras, which is technically legal and the police can't do anything about it. I've also been to a few restaurants that are still charging for it because the act isn't really being enforced. I've also heard that it's likely that the alderman who supported the bill may just give up on it.

    I think that elephant leather is illegal, but people are still using it to make wallets and things. I'm not sure on that though.
  13. ITA!
    That whole industry is wrong, IMHO.
  14. That sounds nuts. Why would you want to dish out on something that you have to worry about getting confiscated anyway?
  15. what an interesting thread
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