Illegal immigrant helps young boy

  1. wow...

    "his actions should remind people not to quickly characterize illegal immigrants as criminals."

    I applaud that.
  2. I am not trying to take away from this story, but technically speaking, illegal immigrants ARE criminals. By being here illegally, they are breaking many laws.
  3. I don't believe in illegal immigration either but that is not the issue at hand here.

    At least the guy helped the boy otherwise I'm sure the boy would have been dead as well.
  4. ^^ Oh, I totally agree. The man is a hero in my book!

    FYI, I am actually in favor of amnesty for illegals. With conditions.
  5. I'll second this.
  6. To me, it shows a man who was human, saving a boy who needed someone. Race, economical background, gender, consequences be damned, a man helped a child. And that's all that matters to me.
  7. i wonder how many people,illegal inmigrants or not, would have done the same? we should take into account that this man hada a choice of continuing his entry into the USA and ignoring the boy's plight or risking being deported by staying with him. he could just left but he didn't.
    he did broke the law by entering the USA illegally but he is an amazing human being because he put this kid before himself.
  8. i'm a daughter of immigrants and it hurts to see people call us criminals.
    but back to topic: he is a hero in my people said, he didnt have to stay with him but he risked his future for this little boy.
    i wonder if you reversed the roles would the story be the same??
    if an illegal little boy was walking the streets after his mother died, would an American help him out?
  9. I agree with you speedy. However, it's interesting to me though that the story is titled the way it is. It is a human story.

    I was responding to the second post here as was the person I quoted.

    There is a difference between immigrant and illegal immigrant. Pointing this out is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings.
  10. YES.
  11. You know Carol, we hear so much nowadays how no-one wants to get involved in other's lives, I doubt very much your average person WOULD help this child out. This story just tells you that one man, his status, his "history", even his illegal-ness be damned, a 9 year old boy was hurt and alone, and he did what he could to help him. Yes, he's a hero.

    I also get sick of hearing about "illegal" immigrants. If my ancestors had a better immigration policy (I'm American Indian) EVERYONE would be here illegally, especially them damn Irish and the English! Oye! Why did we let the English here?? And the SPANIARDS! EKK!

    Not to highjack this thread, but I cannot blame Hispanics for wanting to come to America, their own government is terribly corrupt, worse than ours. The drug cartels run their countries, and the police have all been bought off. They risk much to come here, but it's out of desperation. There are no jobs, no homes, no freedoms we Americans not only expect, but DEMAND of our own government.

    I live in a neighborhood that is about 95% Hispanic and I wouldn't trade my neighbors for any other ethnic group. I don't know how many are here legally and I don't care. They are loving, warm and very polite people. Sadly, a few who have come here and DEMANDED things that are not a birth-right and clogged the systems left and right give everyone a bad name.

  12. thank you for your perspective!!!
  13. Hey, who ya calling "damn Irish"? LOL... Back to topic..
  14. Did not mean to offend by the thread title - just used the same wording from MSN!
    This is definitely a human interest story and I hope the gentleman is rewarded for his kindness and bravery:tup: