Illamasqua Regal -- HELP!

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  1. Okay, so I am going crazy here. I recently swatched a nail polish called Regal by Illamasqua at a Sephora while on vacation. I fell in love with it immediately, but wanted to purchase it online, only to find out I can't find it anywhere online!!

    This is so crazy to me, I can literally find 0 things about this nail polish online. I am so sure it was called Regal because I saved it in my notepad on my phone to buy. Was this a limited edition color? Is it really old? Was it renamed? What's the deal!! Why can't I find it online? D:

    I am so disappointed I fell and am so in love with this nail polish and I worry I will never be able to find it again :crybaby:
  2. Oh, and I was also going to suggest asking on the Illamasqua FB page, maybe someone affiliated can get you the scoop.
  3. I will ask on the facebook page- odd it would just be a random new color they plopped on the Sephora shelves without any sort of release? I think..
  4. Let us know what they say, I'm curious. It's a great color!
  5. Any luck? Vampy Varnish posted a swatch a few days ago.
  6. Nope, they didn't reply!! :sad: I checked constantly for like over a week but I threw in the towel!
  7. Regal was definitely more of a jelly I'd say- and it was just the perfect balance between bright blue and nice classic blue.

    Maybe now that Vampy is trying to get info Illamasqua will actually respond, I'm not a big enough name to cry fuss about it probably :rolleyes:
  8. Maybe it's a slow roll out? She may have purchased in-store here in NorCal. I'll check my local Sephoras to see if they have any in.
  9. Looks like they finally responded to Kelly @Vampy Varnish. Illamasqua Regal is a Sephora In-store-only exclusive. Beautiful bright cobalt yumminess pix & review here:
  10. guess who decided to splurge on herself and get her FIRST illamasqua nail polish ever. what a dream :yahoo:

    this may be my new favorite nail polish ever.

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  11. ...And our determined heroine captured her prey! Congrats-- She's gorgeous, looks fab on you!
  12. I'm confused because I have read online that Sephora will no longer be carrying Illamasqua. If this is true, why would they have an exclusive color?

    Btw I love Regal. I just picked some up the other day! Beautiful.