I'll remember him if he flies to the clouds this year **My Dog**

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  1. I'll remember you Cocoa if you do fly to the clouds this year. You're really the best dog I could have asked for. You are my best friend. I remember when I got you in 89 and I'm loving you even more now! I tried to do everything for you and I have never stopped loving you. It's heartbreaking to see you slow down, but my gosh I'm proud of all the memories!

    My dog Cocoa is 17 1/2 and has started to slow down. It all happened within a year really and it's tough to witness. He a trooper though and still walks up the stairs to be with the family. He can barely control his bladder anymore and my parents think it's time for him to go soon. I can't even think about seeing him riding in the car (something he loves) to the hospital. His back legs are giving out but he still tries to chase me in the backyard. Aaargh it's so tough to be in this situation! He's basically my best friend and I love him sooooo much and I'm tearing up right now. It's worse because I moved to So Cal for college so I don't get to see him everyday. He has always relied on me to give him tremendous attention and love and now I'm not even there.

    I know I have to accept this situation but I wanted to share :smile:
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  2. What a sweet face he has. Big hugs to you. I know this is heartbreaking and all of us have to make this decision at some stage or another. We just have to be brave and do the right thing... for them.:flowers:
  3. Ohhh I am crying right now, he is such a beautiful dog and I know how you are feeling...it is so hard...The only time I felt guilty leaving for college was because of my sweet pets who missed me. Cocoa has lived a long and happy life, it is amazing that he is almost 18! He has seen you through a lot of times and now he is relying on you to let him have a dignified end to his life, when that time comes. :crybaby: :love: I know you can be strong for him!
  4. I'm sorry that you're at this point with your beloved pet. It sounds like he's been a cherished member of your family for many years. Hugs.
  5. I'm so sorry. :crybaby: It's really hard to watch your pet get older especially when you have grown up with them.
  6. -Hugs-
  7. I'm so sorry :crybaby:It's so hard seeing a beloved pet get old and slow down. Just know that Cocoa has lived a long and happy life with you. I'm sending hugs your way :heart:
  8. Your dog is beautiful.....and I'm sorry that you are going through this...but think of what a wonderful life he's had with you and he will live in your memories forever.

    :cry: Be strong.
  9. What a beautiful, sweet-faced dog! I know what you are going through, I had to have a beloved pet put to sleep very recently. There are no words....*hugs* to you and Cocoa.
  10. Awww, he looks like such a sweetheart. You have given him such a good, long life. He knows you love him. Hang in there, this point of our pets' lives is never an easy one for us. Major hugs to you!
  11. Cocoa is adorable :love:! If it does come to the point when it's the inevitable, take comfort in the fact that he's had a fulfilling 17 and 1/2 years with you! He knows that you love him. I'm so sorry that you and your parents will have to make such a tough decision ... it's heartbreaking :crybaby:
    My thoughts are with you and Cocoa at this difficult time ::::BIG HUGS::::
  12. Cocoa has the sweetest face! It's amazing that he's this old--a real sign of how well your family has cared for and loved him. It's a huge gift to our pets to let them go before the suffering gets bad. It's a brave, unselfish thing to do. You'll miss him terribly, but eventually you'll be able to talk about him without crying. Hugs to you and your handsome dog.
  13. dallas - you're right, we do have to be brave and do the right thing for our pets :heart:

    candace117 - thank you for understanding my emtions and helping me out. It really is hard leaving him behind while going to school. Luckily I'm still within driving distance and plan on visiting my family and him frequently.

    lp1062 - he is a cherished member of the family. He's like a brother to me :smile:

    babieejae1101 - it really is hard. I've known him for so long it's just so hard to accept!

    Sweetpea83 - thanks for the hug! I do need it. I used to hug my dog everyday before I moved down here :smile:

    ChiChi143 - it does give me comfort knowing he's lived such a long life. He's truly blessed.

    Voodoo - thanks, he is a beautiful dog.... he gets so many compliments when I walk him. I'll be strong for him =)

    madamefifi - I'm sorry for your recent loss..... there really is no words when it comes to putting a pet to sleep. Thank you for your thoughts.

    wordbox - he's a sweetheart, and he knows it hehe. He's so gentle and caring. :smile:

    GUCCIhoochie - I do feel comfort knowing he's lived such a long life. I'm sure Cocoa would thank you for thinking of him. Knowing him, he'd probably lick you for about 5 minutes hehe. He loooooves to lick!

    boxermom - You know, it's an unselfish thing when you put your dog to sleep before he really suffers. I just need to get over these emotions and understand that this needs to happen. One day I can think of him without crying, it's tough to do right now. I'm trying to make myself smile with joy whenever I think of him because I should be smiling right? Life is a blessing.

    I really do appreciate all of your thoughts. Thank you all for thinking about Cocoa and giving me comfort. I'm going to give you all a big giant hug back, with Cocoa in the middle!:love:
  14. )h that is just so sad, I know. I think animals are really just some of Gods angels that he sends to us to be with us for a time. All my thoughts and prayers are with you :smile:
  15. These posts always make me cry. Your dog is beautiful. My thoughts are with you.