I'll place my order for my 1st birkin bag

  1. Hi,

    First I would like to thank all of you who helped me understand better the bag ...

    Tomorrow I'll place my order ...

    My Order :
    Bag : Birkin Bag
    Size : 30\35 cm ( not yet !!)
    Leather : I think I'll go for a togo
    color : :confused1: gold or Cognac or dark brown !!!

    " this bag might be the only birkin bag I'll have for the next 4 years ; So I really want it to be specail ; I though about blue jean but it's not for my first bag ...
    What do you recommand as a basic color rather than balck "

    Appreciate your HELP,
  2. Congrats! And gold is a nice basic.
  3. Congrats, Mira. When it arrives you'll have to scan pics for us. I'd go for the dark brown, but gold is also gorgeous. Let us know what you decide. :smile:
  4. I agree, gold is a good all around color.
  5. My friend just called me & she said to me that i have to get a blue jean color ... She said it's a younger color for me ???
    What do u think ? I'm 24 years old
  6. By the time the bag arrives you won't be 24 any longer.
  7. Mira: I got my first blue jean when I was 23 (I'm 24 now as well), it has a great energy to it IMO. But the first birkin I ever got was predominantly chocolate brown, and this was when I was around 19. Go with w/e you can pull off and what feels right to you! All the colors you mentioned are classics, you can't go wrong!
  8. They told me I might be lucky & have the bag soon ...
    Or I'll wait for 8 months !
    I'm not sure either it's I good idea to have my first birkin in blue ???
    in the other hand I admit that I love the color

  9. :lol: that cracks me up! thanks for the laugh:p

    seriously, i will go for either gold or cognac. its a color that will last you a long time.
  10. My 1st was gold...and it's still my favorite.
  11. Gold! Definitely!
    I think gold looks fresh and timeless all at the same time.
  12. Whatever color...you will love it!
  13. mmmm ???? !!!!
    Gold , bluejean , or Chocale Brown !!!

    - chocalate brown - classy
    - Gold - goes with everything
    - Bluejean - stands out & young

    30_birkin_bluejean_togo_palladium.jpg 30_gold_togo_palladium.jpg 119-1915[1]choclateTogo#30cm.jpg
  14. gold
  15. :smile: