"I'll pay you off within 3 months" WTF?!?!

  1. I've never had a problem selling on eBay before, but then again I was never a bigtime seller. Woke up this morning to see my paddy had sold at a BIN :yahoo: then I read the message she sent :cursing:

    "HI, I just bought your beautiful authentic chloe paddington bag in beige. I would like to pay the total amount off in a period of 3 months. I hope this will work out well for you. Please let me know!"

    I reeeeeaaaallly hope shes just confused by the paypal CC blurb on auctions that say "no payments for three months, apply now!" with the link to apply for their CC. Ugh. And she just registered that day :crybaby: Man I could use the money too. I swear. And I'm having a bad day as it is.
  2. I would be gentle with her when you reply - remember everybody has to start on eBay somewhere.

    I hope that she has got confused too but it might mean that she doesn't have the total money to pay you with right now!?

    Good luck.
  3. Next time, to protect yourself a little bit, add the "immediate payment required" with BIN option.

    She must be confused by the 3-month term which is offered by PayPal, not you. Worse comes worse, file her a NPB and relist the item.

    Good luck!
  4. yeah normally I do but I was rushing with the listing and honestly the starting bid and BIN was so far apart $$ wise I didnt think anyone would do the BIN LOL. No I was gentle, saying I didnt offer the payment plan. But dang lol. Normally I let stuff roll off my back but I have like $100 in my bank account and because I just started my job I dont get paid for 2 weeks..the money would have been nice.
  5. I have accepted payments on a few of my high priced items usually 30-60 days with payments being Non-refundable. I have never had a problem.
  6. Oh I've seen auctions with all that, and thats cool. It's just that I dont offer that in the listing. And its rude for the buyer to just make up their own terms. I really think they were confused by the PP CC blurb you see on the auctions.
  7. I hope you get this resolved soon. I had and LV Panda Extender with Buy It Now on eBay. Someone you had just registered bought it. Two hours later, she emails me telling me she is sorry that she hit the Buy It Now by accident. WTH? When you do a buy it now it still prompts you to confirm if you do want to purchase it. I was soooo mad.
  8. oh that is totally off. I have contacted sellers to ask if it is ok to send payment at such and such time - usually 2 weeks later, but that is BEFORE bidding/ hitting BIN. some were ok with it, especially when I offered an initial start up amount - that way they felt they had something in their hands, plus the bag. and I have also accepted that from buyers - but again only when they arrange beforehand.

    if you really want to sell the bag - how about telling her installments would be fine but you need an amount now and another say in a month - you get to keep the bag until then and if she doesn't pay up the money she paid is lost? I mean that way you get some money now - that is if you are happy with it. but as there is no feedback record it might be better to ask for full payment now.
  9. Yep, that Paypal advertisement got her confused, do you have a bidder who is not far from your price? If so maybe you could make a second chance offer & just forget about the confused buyer?
  10. maybe me you should explain to her that the 3 months no pay that she was talking out is only applied w/ paypal when she open an paypal credit card. tell her that she misinterpret what the 3 months no payment that she saw on your listing. its actually it is paypal's program.
    i 'm sure it is frustrating. goodluck

  11. exactly! there's nothing wrong with that as long as it's BEFORE hitting buy it now.. i've done this with buyers and sellers and never had a problem... she must have read the listing wrong.. :wtf:
  12. man that sucks. ;/ i have such a hard time with new ebayers sometimes. they do the buy it now and then dissapear. arrrg!
  13. Seems like she read the blurb wrong. I'd just gently tell her as well.
  14. Oh geez, it sounds like there is a bit of confusion here! I hope that it all gets worked out soon. Good luck!
  15. did you get it worked out?