I'll never wash these eyes again...

  1. Woah, now that is a briefcase !

    It doesn't seem oh so practical though.. unless say you're running a drug cartel and need to transport money in style or the such.
  2. I don't think Louis Vuitton makes a whole lot of "practical" stuff, like the Ipod cases that cost more than the Ipods themselves..:biggrin:
  3. ^^ LOL! Yeah, I can imagine the wince of having to put that on that NASTY conveyor belt in the airport
  4. Ha ha.. totally! :lol:
  5. Yes ! So agree on the ipod case, I always think to myself that I might as well just scratch one up and buy another ipod ! :lol:
  6. It's definitely not alligator..........how strange. I totally agree on the ipod cases. I usually get a new iPod every year and don't want to have to replace a $200+ case each time I get a new one.
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. imagine the weight of lugging that thing around with a computer and papers in it? :lol:........my SA took down a bunch of the hard-bodies LV briefcases to show me and i thought my arm was gonna drop off......those things are seriously heavy
  9. It looks luscious!!!