I'll never buy Coach again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So I cleaned out my closet yesterday and found tons of bags I'd forgotten I even owned:shame:. 2 of the bags were Coach and both had damaged straps. I remembered that both were damaged after very little use and I'd never followed up with Coach for repair. So I called Coach this morning to find out where I should send the bags for repair. The rep told me that Coach doesn't repair bags. I said, what are you kidding me :amazed:Coach does not stand behind the quality of its products. She said if it is damaged by a factory defect yes otherwise no. I said how do I know if it was factory defect-the straps are damaged on 2 bags from same line with little wear what would you call that? She says sorry can't help you. I was APALLED!!!!

    I've been over Coach for several years now so this is far from tragic, but nonetheless I will never buy Coach again!:mad:
  2. that's bull...they do repair the bags. i think you spoke to a dummy, personally. if you take it to the store, they will ship it out for repairs (for free, i believe) and you just pay for whatever the repair cost is.
  3. I thought so-I even asked her if this was a chnage b/c I remeber having a bag repaired several years ago. She said no :wacko: never did!
  4. I had a backpack repaired and polished by coach. I just brought it to the store, paid $25 for shipping and they sent it back to me with the zipper fixed, the straps repaired and the bag polished. Call around to make sure they did not change this repair service policy.
  5. They do repair bags. You have to pay $20 shipping I think but they do.
  6. I definitely think that you spoke with someone who was misinformed. I just called my local Coach and they said to bring any damaged bags in.
  7. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay-calling Coach store in Princeton right now.
  8. BTW-Thanks Ladies!!!!
  9. Oh boo, you must have spoken to a big dummy, I hope everything works out with repairs !
  10. I would call them back or take it in to a store.
    That is bull.
  11. Definately!!! I know they repair their bags also!!! That s/a needs to be better informed. Too bad you didn't ask for the store manager.
  12. So have you gotten a response yet or called Coach??
  13. Yup-called Coach- talked to manager-she said sure we do bring it in and we'll send it out for you. Asked if I had name of SA I spoke to at Coach cust serv-i said no :sick: she said too bad b/c person is loca:nuts: and should do better job representing them.

    YAY!!! I feel much happier now-it's just the principle of the thing. Geez

    Forgive me for wacky format :shame: -typing with one hand baby in other arm.
  14. :weird: That SA has no idea what she's talking about. My sister has a coach bag, that is less than a year old, and the fabric by the zipper ripped. She bought it on the coach website, and the local coach store said no problem, bring it in, and we'll send it out for repairs. They ended up mailing her a brand new bag, because the damage was too much to repair.

    I just noticed you got it resolved, good! :o)
  15. wow! that stinks, hate misinformed SAs. my friend had a hole form in her coach bag, she brought it in. the store sent it away, but it couldn't be repaired, so they sent it back and gave her 40% or 50% off any new bag. she took the discount and was happy. i think there was some weird deal that if they kept it she could have the full value towards a new bag, but she wanted the old one back.