"I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You"~~REVEAL!


Purse Addiction
Jun 24, 2010
it's gorgeous! did you exchange the silver one for this? or do you have 3 sophias?
I noticed a chip/peeling on my Silver Sophia's handle. I went to the store to have them replace it, but the other Silver Sophias they had in stock BOTH had chips/peeling!!! I was like WTF? So I just got the blue cobalt so I didn't have to deal with that. I had them put my name down for the Bone and Purple Gathered and Crimson Patent if they get them in (their stock kinda sucked). I totally love the shape of this bag. Sophias are addicting.


It's Purdy...
Feb 7, 2008
the land of want
i played with some today- i ALMOST got the silver but didn't because i was afraid of peeling!
but i MIGHT get the camel patent. it's so pretty and the fuschia lining is GORGY!!!